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    Where to buy front wheel bearings

    Does anyone know of a store that sells the front wheel bearings without having to buy a new hub assembly?
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    Engineering Test Mode

    Thought this may be worth you guys looking into as well. :thumbsup:
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    How to Access Engineering Mode AKA Test Mode

    I remember being able to access a test mode on the odometer of my 2002 Focus and figured that our Explorers would have a similar feature, it turns out they do and ours provide a lot more information. This may also apply to the 2002-2005 models. I am not sure what everything means or if...
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    Has anyone radius arm bushings like this?

    Has anyone done radius arm bushings like this? 1. Loosen axle pivot bolt and upper shock absorber pivot bolt and compress shock. 2. Remove nut and washer attaching radius arm to radius arm bracket. Remove outer insulator and spacer, Fig. 10. 3. Move radius arm and axle assembly forward...
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    Preparing For Some Major Maint.-Suggestions and Advice

    I have been overseas for about a year now and my Exploder has only been driven a few times and she wasn't doing good at all when I left. I have made a list of things that I would like to replace when I get home. Me and my friend who will be helping me are both helicopter mechanics so we are...
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    Whats going on with the forum?

    Did I miss something? Whats going on, a lot of threads have been moved out of this forum that are relevant to 1st gens. When I reply to a thread I get a little tiny advertisment in the upper left corner and the rest of the page is just white! I have to press back to get out of it, it never...
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    Broken Spark Plug!!!

    Well, I attempted to change my spark plugs today. I got two plugs out and replaced and neither showed any signs of having anti sieze on them but both cam out without a hitch. I dont know what cylinder it is but the drivers front plug snapped in half when I attempted to remove it. Is this...
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    Yet Another Door Hinge Pin Thread

    Ok, if your just gonna tell me to do a search dont bother typing it, I already have. Ok, so I grinded the top part off of both of the passenger door hinge pins. Now trying to drive them out with a punch and a hammer, they dont budge, at all. Where exactly are the bushings, and is the hole...
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    Front Auto-Locking Hubs Grinding!

    I just got done doing the brakes on my 93 sport. Put it all back together per the Hanes Manual. Driving home I start to heard some weird ratcheting sounds. You can actually feel the pop in the front end like when shifting into 4x4 on the go. I know, time for some manual hubs, but I cant...
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    2-3/8" Socket?

    Does anybody know where I can buy the 2 3/8" hex locknut socket to remove the nut from the front wheel bearing? I know the torque isnt much, but that would really suck to get that far and not be able to turn it by hand.
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    What do you think Ford needs to change?

    What changes would you like to see made to ensure the survival of Ford? I'm sure some will have some long winded answers to that question, but here is what I would probably change based on the information that is available to me and my opinion. Drop Mercury, I don't know what kind of sales...
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    Couldn't adjust camber due to bad bushing!

    I stopped by firestone today today to get an alignment since it got knocked out pretty bad after hitting a rock in a mudhole. They told me they couldnt adjust the camber without replacing an eccentric bushing. I have a picture of where it is that they gave me. It doesn't look difficult, but...
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    Remote Programming Instructions For Dealer Installed Alarm

    I recently purchased a remote for my Explorer since it was missing when I bought it. Here is the procedure required to program mine, different security systems will require different procedures. Hopefully this will save others the added cost of letting the dealership program it for you. 1...
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    Bold Moves website

    Not sure if anyone has posted this link yet so I thought I would share it.
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    Does the A/C actually cause poorer gas mileage?

    When turning the A/C on at idle I notice a rise in RPM's, however when driving along at 65mph I can turn the A/C and the tachometer will not move at all, the same thing goes for turning the A/C off while at speed. This leads me to believe that the only time the A/C affects gas mileage is when...
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    Which components to replace, which to reuse?

    I have 93 with factory air that no longer works. The system had been converted with a cheap kit by a previous owner. I attempted a recharge and the system will take nothing, I think it is pretty full with oil. I would like to do all the work other than charging to get it up and going again...
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    Time for a new alternator?

    I have noticed the last few nights when I have been driving the lights are going bright and dim when at low RPM's. For those who have ever drove a humvee it looked just liked the lights do when you first start them.
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    Gas guage decided it wants to work again.

    For no apparent reason, my gas guage started working two days ago and is still working today. I had always thought that the float was just bad, but if that was the case I think it would be filled with gas again by now and stuck on empty. Any other ideas what it could have been?
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    Pioneer Audio Troubles

    :mad: Took a trip to Best Buy today and bought a DEH-P3800MP head unit and GEX-P920XM XM Tuner both from Pioneer. I am pretty disappointed but still have hope its just me doing something wrong. The faceplace on the head unit doesn't latch on completely, only the right side will latch, if you...
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    Exhaust leak between muffler and cat.

    Behind the cat's where the exhaust pipe and the muffler pipe meet there is a clamp of sorts holding the too pieces together. There are two bolts running through it and a the nuts appear to be welded onto the cat side. My problem is that the spring on the outside bolt has broken so that side of...
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    Water Pump Replacement Tips

    My water pump decided to take a crap today. I got to work and shut off the x and coolant started gushing out. I am wondering if this is task I can undertake myself or should take it to a shop. And also what tips anyone whos has changed one may have. Thanks.
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    I just want to thank wal-mart.

    I take my x to wal-mart to get her oil changed since they will give her a free tire rotation when they do it. I don't use there oil I take my own motorcraft oil and filter. I have been doing this for a while now. I decided to change my own oil today. I drove to my work as my apartments won't...
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    What to use for drilling through radius army??!?!?!

    What to use for drilling through radius arm??!?!?! Well, I decided I wanted to do like some others here on the forum and repair my shock mounts rather than replace the whole radius arm. As of now I have spent about as much money on tools to do this job as I would have if I bought 2 new radius...
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    What is up with Chevy's spanish language commercials?

    I just saw a cobalt and corvette commercial with latin music playing in the background and the only english spoken was at the end. I know I have seen another Chevy commercial in spanish before, not on spanish channels either. I am not racist, don't see how I could be I'm a mutt myself but we...
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    Looking for HVAC part, control cable.

    I am looking for the control cable that runs from the function selector arm on the HVAC controls back to wherever it runs to :rolleyes: . The tab that holds the cable end to the control arm broke so it won't do its job anymore and I have to adjust it by hand if I want to change from defrost to...