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  1. J

    Superrunner kit info help...

    looks like it is not a block kit too me. if it has any blocks they would be thin blocks tapered to adjust the pinion angle not realy thick ones like for lift.
  2. J

    What the heck is wrong with my truck?

    I may be wrong but it looks to me that the centerline of the radius arm stud is high in the bracket. It could just be the angle and or perception but i would remove the nut and heat shield from the radius arm to see the bushing better.
  3. J

    1989 Ranger has water in oil.

    the 2.9 had a common problem of cracking the heads. have them checked at a machine shop
  4. J

    98' SOHC- Intake Manifold Tuning hisssssss. How do I stop it? (pic included)

    Sounds to me like it is leaking, so i would say replace said valve
  5. J

    Anyone got a mortgage modification / forberance with Chase?

    A loan mod will not reduce the amount owed on your house as I understand it. It just mods the interest rate and years of the loan, along with the lower interest rate usually comes the lower payment. still current that is why they have not been eager to approve you. It looks to them that you are...
  6. J

    mig or arc welder? need help

    I have a lincoln mig welder no gas i use flux-core wire and I weld any thing up to and including 3/8 thick steel, requires more patience cleaning before and during welding to achieve the needed strength for the really thick pieces. But mostly I weld 1/4" and I have no problem with my stuff...
  7. J

    Rounded Oil Plug

    worst case senario i have tack welded a nut to the plug in order to get it out then reinstall a new one and be sure not to over torque it.
  8. J

    Need Help!!! Another Body Swap set of questions...

    Title being signed over to a dealer would not be a problem they could just sell it to you. Title being signed over to a junkyard that could present you with some problems getting the title. Some junkyards are quick to surrender titles to the D.O.T./D.M.V. as scrapped and destroyed vehicles, once...
  9. J

    Need Help!!! Another Body Swap set of questions...

    Chances are that you will need to use the explorer title since it has the vin number. the front clip would probably swap. Provided the trans are the same it should be a straight forward swap,lots of work but straight and simple. But If the ex is in such good shape why not just buy and repair it...
  10. J

    Wave Your Flag!! ( Seriously!!!)

    Bump You still doing flags ? what else have you added to your line up?
  11. J

    Does anyone know what this is? Ford Explorer 4x4 V6 4.0L Transmission issue

    Im just guessing here but if the seal between the trans and transfercase is leaking, wouldnt it leak fluid into the transfercase therefore overfilling it to the point of fluid comming out of the vent tube ?
  12. J

    Explorer 1995 4R55E to 5R55E No Lockup

    from all I have been able to gather you cant make the 5r55e work where the 4r55e used to be. they dont swap out with out a lot of rewiring and stuff
  13. J

    I flipped my ex now what??

    chop the top off and ride. Oh yea get some good goggles
  14. J

    NO START need help only daily driver

    I dont intend to be a smart ass but if money is so tight then a $50 scanner from autiozone or harbor freight and a repair manual would be the smarter investment.
  15. J

    wheel bearing emergency-ish question

    Bearings fail in so many different ways. Some just lock the wheel some brake all kind of stuff. No-one can tell you that you will make it. Everyone will tell you not to try it. Its a cheap fix reguardless if you have the parts at home waiting, buy them again fix it then make your trip...
  16. J

    Poor MPG

    Check the codes first always. They are like a road map they will take you on a ride and get you where you want to go.
  17. J

    Ellectrical problem or something simple?

    sounds like it all should tie back to the headlight switch
  18. J

    I messed up :( rebuild or junk it?

    Dam kid if you got no money then stop b*&^%$ing and drive the thing ticking or not it still running. But remember it aint no boat so if youi not got no money keep it on safe ground. Off roading is a risky hobbie but when you add peer pressure to do something dumb then the risk of damage doubles...
  19. J

    AC Problem

    You should take a test light and check the wires on top of compressor for 12v.if you have 12v but compressor not running and a tap will make it start this indicates the coil assembly behind the A/C pully is getting weak. You may be able to help the coil that is getting weak by shutting down...
  20. J

    Stripped Crankshaft Pulley Bolt

    That repitious forward/rearward turnning is how you are supposed to do when hand tapping a thread. It cuts a little forward then cleans the thread when you reverse. Cutting oil ( not wd40 PB etc lubericants) makes the job a little easier but sounds like you got it done just as well. I would...
  21. J

    Please help the girl that knows nothing about cars but is willing to learn :)

    But would AAL work or her truck considering it has air ride ? She said she has it turned off that would cause it to sag wouldnt it ?
  22. J

    Whats this?

    Ummmmm I dont see a Loose hose. The black round piece is the cruise control servo. it should have a couple of vac lines and a cable attatcvhed to it .
  23. J

    Bolt on SAS kit

    Is this a crack circled in the picture ?
  24. J

    I need help replacing my lifters.

    Also the lifters for the 4.0 will run you 400 The head gasket set with new bolts will add another 200 change oil and filter 20. mine has 250k plus( odometer quit ) been rattling the lifters for 60k miles. oil press is good. run the dam thing and quit worring your self silly. When you get the...
  25. J

    Looking for hole in firewall of a '05 Explorer XLS to fit a 0 Gauge wire in

    Drill baby drill and use an over size grommet