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    P0171 P0174 CEL with headers. Ignore?

    I have the following two codes: P0171 System too Lean (Bank 1) P0174 System too Lean (Bank 2) I have searched on here a lot but I think my situation is a little unique. I have the KKM air filter, BBK throttle body, and then BBK headers. I had some maintenance guys replace my head gaskets...
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    Replace Control Arms with ball joints?

    I've searched and searched and found lots of good help but I still have some basic questions regarding control arms vs ball joints. I have a 2000 2wd explorer with 85k miles and all original ball joints and control arms. I did the torsion twist and shackles back in 2001 and I think this put...
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    Head gasket leaking. Ford quoted $1000.

    I recently took my 2000 Explorer into a local repair shop that specializes in Ford products. They diagnosed my car and determined that my head gaskets are leaking on both sides. They quoted me $1300-$1500. I called my local Ford dealership here in Tulsa and they quoted me about $975 to have...
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    I've now had my 2000 Explorer for 10 years!

    My dad bought my brand new 2000 Explorer for me ten years ago when I had just turned 18. I am now 28 and I plan to keep this thing for another 5 if it will let me. As you can see in my signature, I put a decent amount of mods to it, but nothing major. I haven't posted on here in a long time...
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    Drivers door will not open!

    I've had this problem for about 3 weeks now. I've googled and searched this site and come across many people having variations of the same problem. However I was not able to come up with a solution. It is a PAIN to have to crawl through the passenger side door to get in and out of my explorer...
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    I need help installing my 73mm C&L Meter

    I bought a used 73mm C&L Meter off a guy from a Mustang forum. The guy told me that he called C&L they said it had the "correct tube" for the Explorer. Now I am trying to install it and wondering if I bought the wrong one. Can somebody please look at these pictures and tell me if I have the...
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    To take the job or not take the job

    So I graduated college last May and landed a pretty good job. Its an outside sales job and I typically enjoy it, though I am in a remote location. Right now I am on salary and its average. But of the 13 salesmen in the area including myself in the area, the average salary is 137K a year. (I...
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    OHV Intake Pipe

    I have a KKM and so I don't want to purchase a complete intake kit. All I want is the piping. I have seen a lot of threads on SOHC intake pipes from They sell individual pipes with different angles and couplings. The OHV looks like it is just a 90 degree and then a...
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    How much money did YOU spend on your MOD addiction?

    Due to your addiction, how much have you spent in mods on your CURRENT Explorer? (not one you have sold and exclude motor rebuilds) My estimates: (Some of these include labor) TT/Shackle: $150 Tires: $800 Rims: $650 Brushguard: $400 Nerf bars: $300 Tail Guards: $125 C&L Meter: $100 BBK...
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    Sharing or Reselling an SCT XCal II

    I am confused on the performance "chips" Is the SCT XCal II flasher considered the "chip", or do you buy a chip on top of the $350+ for this device? If I was to buy the SCT XCal II and have it programed by, would I be able to sell the SCT XCal II after I load the "tune" on to my...
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    Mac with KKM

    Can I still use my KKM if I purchase the MAC intake or is this a bad idea? Does the MAZ come with its own MAF sensor or do you use the stock ones? I wouldn't mind getting a new MAF since I was lazy and only cleaned the KKM about every 15 months or so. (I know I know) If I was to ditch the KKM...
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    Rookie guide to changing Spark Plugs

    1. Look up mechanic in phone book 2. Call Mechanic and make appointment 3. Take car to mechanic. 4. Finished. After two hours I have been able to change 1 out of the 6 spark plugs. Ruined my Easter. You all made it sound so easy. If you try to do it yourself, you will need about 30+...
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    How many 02 Sensors in 2000 XLS?

    Hi, This is my first post on here is about 2 years...I searched extensively and found mixed answers everywhere. I went to Autozone and they pulled my check engine light code. He didn't give me my code but just told me that my 02 sensors were bad. I bought the following 02 sensors...
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    Smoke coming out of Hazardous Light Button! Help

    Anybody ever had smoke come out of their hazardous light button? I have a 2000 explorer...I was stopped at a stop light about to turn left when I see a small wave of smoke coming up through my hazardous light button on the steering wheel column. I immediatley turned the car off. Connected...
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    Who has the most miles on 2nd gen X

    I did a search and couldnt find that anyone had asked. Who has the most miles on their 2nd generation X (95-01)?
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    Keep money in back or pay CC

    Probably not the place to be asking this question but not sure what to do: I have 10K in credit card debt (please don't ask how) at 2.99% fixed APR for life. I have about 8K in the bank at 3% APY. Should I pay the balance off or just keep the money in the bank and make monthly paymens...
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    Loud noise, sounds like coming from Axle

    Hey, I haven't been here in like 2 years but I have a problem... I had my tires rotated about 2 weeks ago and ever since (didn't really notice right afterwards) the car is extremely loud when driving... I can't tell what it is but anyone that drives with me says it sounds like the front...
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    KKM over Oiling HELP.. QUICK!

    I just sprayed the KKM with the K&N oil (the red stuff) to clean it and I think I may have sprayed too much!. Should I just let it dry for a couple hours or wipe it off now? I think if I wipe it off it will wipe all of it off in places and I know the oil is needed everywhere for the filter...
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    How do I stop Tires rubbing Brake line?

    Wasnt really sure where to post this but Ive had my cobra rims for about a year now and the rear drivers side tire rubs the brake line and it is starting to cut into it! What do you all use to tie the brake line up with to keep it from hitting the tire? (Its just the back drivers side) I'm...
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    Finished Meguiar's 3 step... Zaino?

    I just did the three step Meguiars (1. Clean, 2. polish, 3. carnauba wax) It looks pretty good but I hear its not that long lasting. I dont HAVE to have the xtreme shine I really just NEED wax on there that will protect it for a year since I am in college. If I buy the zaino and put it...
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    How do I remove a BUSTED head light?

    Hi- I had some of those HID looking bulbs in my explorer for about a year and now one of them literally shattered. The pieces are all inside the light gasket or whatever and water (or fog) is all over the inside of the lens (Stock lens not clear corners) Any easy way of removing the lens...
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    CV joints cost

    I'm hoping it never comes to this but about how much would new CV JOINTS cost? I have the tt/shackle lift, so say in like 80k miles or so they go out, its not going to be rediculously expensive is it? Thanks
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    4 Rancho 9000 or 2 Edelbrock IAS??

    Hi, Around Christmas I put on 4 gabriel VST shocks at Pep Boys and I'm not impressed at all. I have a 1.5" TT/Shackle lift with some larger tires. I want to replace these Gabriels because I love my explorer but I am at the point where I hate driving it because I bounce so much. (Yes I...
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    Removing speaker grill on the doors?

    Anyone have an easy way to get the speakers grills off the front doors? I got some new speakers and want to install them. Do I just pry it off? I dont want to mess the grill up since I will be putting it back on after I put the speakers in. (Its a 2000) Thanks
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    '00 KKM Installation help

    Hey Ive had the KKM for my 2000 explorer since last summer and still have not figured out how to install the stupid thing. Its just been sitting in my garage. I havent tried all that hard but now i really want it in.. I've been told its really easy. Anyone wanna give me some detailed...