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    AMAZING :salute:
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    Updated pics of the Expedition

    Sweet, have a friend that lives there and another in Arcadia.
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    ? on SAS with LS

    Thank you, now that makes sense. My reason for going leaf is Down here in South Florida all we have is mud pits and muddy trails.I really don't see why I would need to go coils unless I plan going out of state to go and tackle some of the trails I've seen like in Tennessee an etc.....
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    !997 Mercury Mountaineer 5.0 2wd

    Very nice reminds me of my mounty except for the rims lol
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    Updated pics of the Expedition

    Very nice what of SW Florida you from
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    ? on SAS with LS

    I understand that Dana Corp makes the axle not Ford or Jeep, my question is why do they use Jeep leaf springs instead of Ford springs example Using the rear springs of an explorer to use them up front
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    ? on SAS with LS

    I've read many threads on SAS on second gens, as I'm making my list of parts and other things needed to do my SAS. My question is why do they use Wagoneer or other Jeep LS instead of Fords LS. If any one can explain why it would be awesome beacuse i would like to keep all Ford parts on my project
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    97 Ultimate SAS V8 Sport Build.

    WOW that looks great cant wait to get started on mines
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    Jack's SAS version 3.0

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    Project Resurrection.

    I cant believe i didnt see this thread. Cant wait to see the finished product :thumbsup:
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    My latest project: 1970 Dodge Dart 512 C.I. Bracket Racer

    Thats awesome Rick sweet ride :thumbsup::salute:
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    this thing is huge 54's

    thats awesome omg my son just told me " why cant ours be like that " i told him it takes money an i wish, he told me "just buy bigger tires" love my son
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    FROADER's 1942 Ford GPW (lots-o-pics)

    WOW.........that was amazing
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    My latest project: 1970 Dodge Dart 512 C.I. Bracket Racer

    thats awesome rick look amazing
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    Forum Support Requested - Vote for Us! WE WON!!

    Voted for u buddy:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    My latest project: 1970 Dodge Dart 512 C.I. Bracket Racer

    2:thumbsup: WOW it look great !!!!!!!
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    Power Steering !!!!

    Hey guys for the past week the Power Steering has been acting up in the sense that when turning into the a parking lot or any were i have to slow down to turn its like if theres no PS levels are good and no leaks any suggestions im stomped
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    I swear, it follwed me home. Kert's B2 project

    Dude that's awesome great find with the wheels
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    New shackles

    WOW those look bad ass 2:thumbsup:
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    ~Another New Guy~

    Welcome..... theres alot to learn here:thumbsup:
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    SLEEPER 1985 Mustang LX

    I want a Fox body,,,,, really clean :salute:
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    New 22's on the Ex!!! Finnaly!

    dude sweet X:thumbsup:
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    Explorerforum on Powerblock TV?

    just joined :thumbsup: