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  1. Tbars4

    Happy Holidays wherever you are..

    To all my Friends and Family on here and all the other Explorer's, Happy Holidays. Enjoy and Be Safe..:salute: I will be visiting with friends :)
  2. Tbars4

    KOH 2017 Who all is going?

    Who all is going to make it out to the King of the Hammers this year? I will add schedule and more info this week...:) Saturday, February 4th: Media Check-In Opens King of the Motos Night Race Qualifying tba Sunday, February 5th: King of the Motos Monday...
  3. Tbars4

    KOH Builds?

    I see there is an X entered this year in the 4600 stock class at King of the Hammers. There was a BII that ran a couple years back. Why don't we have anyone from the forum working on a build for the King of the Hammers? I know we have the fabricators and an X could beat the stock XJ's. Even...
  4. Tbars4

    Free State Park on Black Friday

    Hate the idea of heading to the stores with millions of people or all the people on the road on Black Friday? Take your family and get out and visit one of California State parks for Free on Black Friday. It's called "Green Friday". But first, Here is the story and you need to act quickly...
  5. Tbars4

    I scored an ammo box..

    ..and it's full of nuts and bolts..Should I keep it?
  6. Tbars4

    Upgrade a HF 90 amp welder

    If this is in wrong spot please move :) I stumbled across this thread when looking for some info on the HF 90 amp welder that someone I know is taking in on a partial trade..:hammer: Has anybody else seen or done these upgrades?...Sounds a bit complicated for me when I could probably buy a...
  7. Tbars4

    5 new 33" MT Tires

    Stickers and they just got delivered 5 - 33 x 12.50 x 15 Falken MT01 tires. 200 each or 900 for all 5. Will consider mig/tig welder or pit bike plus cash.
  8. Tbars4

    SEMA 2016 Who all is going?

    Packing up for a week at SEMA in Las Vegas and was wandering who all will be heading out and when you will be there. Any must see items or request this year?
  9. Tbars4

    Summer/Winter trail bag- What's in yours?

    The weather is changing and it's time to go thru and see what all you have and more importantly, what you need, in your trail bag. It's also a good time to clean out the bags and boxes of trash and spilt fluids. ...I make it a habit of doing all my repairs year round out of my trail bags just...
  10. Tbars4

    Lucas Oil Off Road Expo Pomona Oct 1-2

    Who all is going?..Here is some info I received that should make it easier to get around and schedule what you are looking to do. I will be there working and playing..:D Saturday, Oct. 1 Show Hours 9:00 am - 6:00 pm All Day 325+ Vendors In The Off-Road Performance Marketplace –...
  11. Tbars4

    91-94 Lego Ford Explorer

    I found this today with video below :)
  12. Tbars4

    Main Divide Rd O.C. November

    ...I try to get a quick run in locally during the Summer but the road has been closed even to foot traffic at Silverado for a while now and will not open till after October 1st according to the Ranger Station. .. This is always a fun 3/4 day trip with us eating our packed lunches and discussing...
  13. Tbars4

    I did not know that..

    If you have a vehicle related tidbit, this is the place to share it like.. I did not know that over 33% of new cars being sold do not come with a spare tire :eek:
  14. Tbars4

    New Off Road Valve Stem

    New Valve stem replacement for Off Road. Would you buy them and Your Thoughts?
  15. Tbars4

    Dirty Turtle Offroad Park in Kentucky?

    Who all has been to the DTOR in Bedford Kentucky? What are your thoughts? It looks like an interesting place to go and they seem to hold lots of events.
  16. Tbars4

    BTF Long Radius arms like new with Joints

    SOLD These are quality built long radius arms by BTF. These are for the Dana 35 ttb 4x4 beams for Rangers and 91-94 Explorers. These were run on my truck as a daily driver for two weeks before I installed another Custom set of BTF RA's on my 95 Ranger. IIRC these are built for stock arms 4-6"...
  17. Tbars4

    Naugles is Back, for reals

    Yep...Naugles Mexican Fast Food Restaurants are alive after one guy fought and got the rights to the name from Del Taco. Based on the same Menu and same taste, it looks like they are back for good. :popcorn: He has a great story to tell and they are already serving food in Huntington Beach and...
  18. Tbars4

    Roof Racks 25% Fuel Consumption?

    ...A new National study came out and it has the Automotive Makers and After Market Products Industry talking about every kind of roof rack..Stock and aftermarket, loaded and unloaded..:popcorn: ..Here are a Couple reads to get you started with related Links ...;)...
  19. Tbars4

    Trail Welding video

    ..I ran across this video of a company who puts these kits together for sale. I thought it was useful and something that most groups going wheeling would like to have one of in their group. :D ..I never see anything like this anymore posted so I thought I would share for those who never have...
  20. Tbars4

    The "Squirrel" is going Solid Axle..Well, Eventually

    Somewhat simple.. as in that I can easily find parts and/or repairs in other States with the connections I have. Finding cheap to free parts as I go will add time to this build as well as my on the road schedule..:( This is going to be a slow build due to the cost while I am hoping to do some...
  21. Tbars4

    Trail Hero- Utah - Oct.5-8 2016

    What is Trail Hero? ... ..I see it as a Just for fun, Mild to Wild Trail runs, a Rock Crawling Competition, a Night Rock Crawl, a Bounty Hill, mixed in with a little Ultra4 Endurance Rock Race action, set in the Gorgeous Southern Utah hills and it sounds like a...
  22. Tbars4

    Another First Gen Explorer gets recognition in 2016

    Just Posted on Petersen's 4WOR Magazine. I was lucky enough to meet up with the owner of this vehicle at King of theHammers this year and talk to him about his build..:D Link has lots of pics and a video..
  23. Tbars4

    About the 3 new California National Monuments..

    What has taken place recently with a cool video and somewhat of a map.. ..and "Congressman Cook Makes Statement Regarding National Monument Designations"
  24. Tbars4

    Santa is getting closer..

    ..I've been watching him live...How close is he to your house?
  25. Tbars4

    King of the Hammers 2016 - Discussion and pics

    ..Who all is going to this years King of the Hammers? ..This years dates are listed as Saturday 1/30/2016 thru Saturday 2/06/2016.