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    3 watt led cargo light!!!

    so i decided my 10mm led conversion for the cargo light wasn't bright enough. so i made 3 watt led w/heat sink that would fit in the cargo light area (same as the but this time i had gave the regulator its own heatsink, since it puts out...
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    3 Watt LED in Puddle lamps!!!!

    so i decided i wanted my puddle lights to be brighter, i already had 6 10mm led in each, well i found this "instructable" for a high power led driver that was really simple to do . With high power led you need a "driver" you...
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    weird fog light high beam problem

    so i have off road lights tied into my high beams (using a relay) and whenever i turn on my high beam or fog lights on the other ones turn on. i high beam and the fog lights are on the same - wire. what do you think could me making this happen?
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    Homemade/diy heat shield air intake (pics)

    ok so i have heard alot of people talking about the how the maf adapter and the cone filter still "sucks" in hot air, personally i dont think it'll make much of a difference plus i live in alaska sooooo..... but anyways i decided to make a "heat shield kinda like how the K&N's are. things...
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    relay question

    ok so i bought some off road light w/out wire harness so i had to get a relay. so what i'm wanting to do is when my HI beams turn on i want the off road lights to come on too, so when ever high beam turns on off road lights come on. This is a 5pin relay now how am i going to tun the wires...
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    How to Hijack a Fast Food Drive-Thru Frequency

    title says all..... check out this site
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    Oil Drain Plug Mod!! (pics)

    So i hated changing the oil on the X cause the oil drain plug was facing towards the passenger side tire so decided to do a little mod. The X's drain plug is 14mm x 1.5 so i got a 14mm x 1.5 to 1/2" pipe thread adapter like this one . got a 1/2" 90 degree...
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    Post Specs Of Your Computer!!!

    didn't see a thread for this so...... CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405 (512mb shared) RAM: 2.5GB HARD DRIVE: 2x 250GB (one internal and one external) OS: winXP (had vista but changed) HELP FULL PROGRAMS: Auslogic Boost Speed 4...
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    Post pics of your DOGS!!!

    here a pic of mine....... we dont know what he is but he can run super fast and jump extremely high, LOVES to play fetch w/ a tennis ball
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    fully WATERPROOF led board (pics)

    so i haven't seen anybody do custom waterproof led boards so i decided to try it. i originally tried silicone but it didn't spread well, then i remembered ABS glue (plumbing stuff) is water proof and its kinda liquidy so i gave it a try and here are the results note: i put a dab of silicone...
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    *blue led center console/message center conversion (PICS)*

    i noticed i haven't seen anybody with this mod (that i've searched), so i decided to do this mod one cause im redoing some of my interior lights to blue and one of the lights were out. so i pulled everything apart put the led's in and here are some pics i took, the camera made it look more...
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    how to remove/take off "cover" from corners

    so i need to remove the "covers" from the corner lights. is their a specail way to remove/break the sealant from the corners. i am converting them to a led board. which i will prob sell but first i need to take them off any info would be appreciated
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    how to remove "cover" from corners

    so i need to remove the "covers" from the corner lights. is their a specail way to remove/break the sealant from the corners. i am converting them to a led board. which i will prob sell but first i need to take them off any info would be appreciated
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    Help! Hid Not Working

    my hids i just got aren't working they are bi xenon when i turn then on the make the poping sound when you switch them to the bright? the power and grounds are all good, so is the fuse btw did not come with a relay kit
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    post pics of your HID's

    post pics of you HID's in action whether their in stock housing or diamond or projector housing. also tell what brand, what K too. hope to see lots of pics :salute:
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    what is this sound w/ video

    i dont know what this "squeaking" sound is??? here is a video (with audio) let me know what you guys think, it only does this when its not warmed up
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    aftermarker intake (VIDEO)

    here is the ebay version of the kkm (cone filter + maf adapter, $25) on a "stock" (performance wise) explorer 4.0L. here is the pic the video of it i could tell a little difference on the throttle response but i could tell a more of a...
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    front end clunk noise

    i have a 1998 eddie bauer 4.0 well i have a front end clunk kinda like a dead shock/strut sound when i go over bump on both sides of car that are not in-sink (bad spelling), i dont have to have my wheels turned they could be strait and still make the noise. it doesn't matter if its in 2 or 4...
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    installed new shocks!!!!

    just got/installed new shocks which took about 1 1/2 hrs. Got them from (front 59371, rear 59088), they are Monroe Shock: Lt Truck Gas-Matic. the reason why i needed new shocks cause they were the originals (118,000 miles), very bumpy, swayed alot (not a whole lot to do with...
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    i checked the oil and thought this was cool

    so i just got a used 1998 X bauer 4.0L w/118,000 miles and they kept very good care of it....... but anyways so i checked the oil today just for kicks well they got the oil changed over 3 months ago which it has only gone a little over a 1000 since then but still. well so when i checked it, it...
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    some new fog lights

    just installed some new fog light (crappy wal-mart ones for $17) they are 55watts where as other ones were i think 27 watts i'll get some "dark" pictures on later tonight. Not bad for $17 though but let me know what ya think. i didn't want to get the ones that were a blue-ish tint cause these...
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    another air intake question

    well i have a stock 1998 4.0l eddie i want to upgrade the air intake system i was wondering if you guys think its work the exstra money to get the whole system or just the part after the MAF. Will i really feel/hear that much difference between the two. I live in Alaska where it seems like...