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  1. RangRayy

    Backspacing info good site.

    after web surfing came across this site. has good info on backspacing etc. thought it might help some of ya'll
  2. RangRayy

    92 Explorer sport, 4.0, 5spd, 1354 man, in Missouri

    interested in the tcase. i am not too far from you i am in KC
  3. RangRayy

    Sohc over heating problem NEED HELP SOON

    hows your water pump? when my tstat closed the pressure built up and leaked around my water pump. of course my bearing in the pump was on its way out the tstat pushed it through the door sorda speak. but when i was refilling my cooling system with water after taking out the tstat to make it...
  4. RangRayy

    Checking interest...2nd gen Axles 4.56 gears and more

    i would be very interested in the axles. No shipping needed as i would come to you.
  5. RangRayy

    -Your Explorer-

    1.1999 XLT 4.0 SOHC 4x4 2.$3,250 (KBB @ $6,200 at time) 3.99K 4.195K Purchased June 2007
  6. RangRayy

    For Sale Parting Out 2001 Explorer Sport

    what gear's does it have? how much for both axles or for the front or rear?
  7. RangRayy

    Explorer/ ranger misc

    what year is the 4.10 diff out of? def interested.
  8. RangRayy

    Brush Guards for 96 X 4x4 Sport

    yes and no. i had to flip and swap the mounting brackets for it to fit onto my 99. the bumpers are different and 95-98 didnt have the plastic cover with the fog lights on it. i had to cut part of that too for it to come out where as the 95-98 has a slot on the bumper already for that.
  9. RangRayy

    Brush Guards for 96 X 4x4 Sport

    i might have one up for sale that is that style. it depends on if i BL my 99. my guard is actually supposed to fit either 95 96-98 and i got it to mount on my 99 some how and havent had any problems. see my reg for pictures
  10. RangRayy

    Prayers for injured race fans

    OH MY WORD, that video is hard to watch... My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those killed and injured and the driver.
  11. RangRayy

    SMORR Fall Run?

    i should make this one hopefully
  12. RangRayy

    1st SAS Explorer Project

    OH MY HOLY CRAP! this thing is going to be a BEAST! Subscribing....
  13. RangRayy

    KC Area gathering location and date

    when i ate at the one on Brooklyn they had all the sauces and that was this time last year! ABs ALL THE WAY!!! Looking forward to this, sign me up and as for grabbing a drink im game for that as well.
  14. RangRayy


    this is late but bought a set off KC day spotters from Zuk and deal was cheap shipping cost was low so that ment took awhile to receive. was in no rush A+++!!!!:thumbsup:
  15. RangRayy

    V6 Exhaust

    i have a magnaflow dual in dual out on my v6 and its nice sounding not as deep as a v8 but not a v6 trying to be something that its not. esp when the insides rusted out it got louder and is very nice. something to think about. you can def hear me coming down the highway when i get on it
  16. RangRayy

    Lift kit suggestion? read through that and itll answer all your questions. really easy to do with basic tools and little knowledge...
  17. RangRayy

    Lift kit suggestion?

    cranking on the torsion bars will lift the front 2in leveling out to when you put on the shackles in the rear. people put the shackles on first then step back and look the rear is higher 2in while the front is still sagging. crank on the torsion bars and it will level out. cheapest 2in susp...
  18. RangRayy

    Lift kit suggestion?

    search for torsion twist thatll be youre answer right there. that and warrior shackles in the rear will give you a cheap 2in lift.
  19. RangRayy

    2007 F-250 Super Duty Harley Davidson

    not freakin fair!!!!!!! love the truck man congrats keep it clean use it as a hauler for your ex and SAS the EX!!!!!!!
  20. RangRayy

    New Guy from MO

    welcome you have fellow members in Missouri that are glad to help in anyway we can just let us know. what part are you in?
  21. RangRayy

    Return from SMORR 2010

    man i missed out on a grand ole time. well to my luck the rear axle went out thursday night. so hopefully ill have one ready for the fall trip and for darn sure next years run.
  22. RangRayy

    SMORR MO 2010--July 16,17, & 18th

    yeah i could send that amount but thing is i gotta work to get that money, and cant afford at the moment to take a whole weekend off along with no vacation time. real soon though!
  23. RangRayy

    SMORR MO 2010--July 16,17, & 18th

    i wish i could make it. but having a bum foot sucks and no insurance sucks even more.:( so my money for the rig and camping is going towards that bill. hopefully fall run ill be there for. go ahead gregg change my name to No Show Gray....
  24. RangRayy

    ABS Light Still On After Sensor Replacement

    i was about to say those might need changing here soon. id look into that as well. plus it could never hurt to replace your hubs since on 2nd gens our wheel bearing is packed into the hub. you dont want your wheel to fall off like it did in my case and some others here on the forum. glad you...
  25. RangRayy

    ABS Light Still On After Sensor Replacement

    i believe so bc i have a spare hub in the back of my explorer and it hooked up just fine. but it might not be the sensor thats messed up. could be that your front wheel bearings are going bad and thats the first sign. it happened to me exactly a year ago that i ignored the ABS light and my front...