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  3. redexplorer5.0

    Torque Monster headers

    sorry if i broke the rules didnt mean any disrespect to anyone on the fourm
  4. redexplorer5.0

    Torque Monster headers

    there are two sets on ebay first set second set...
  5. redexplorer5.0

    2001 lincoln town car steering wheel

    @koda2000 its does look identical to mine i have a 2001 Mercury mountaineer premier it have the same steering wheel without the wood gain Lincoln Town car has the same wood gain as my radio cover thats why i want to see if it fits it look nice and it well be different i replace the radio...
  6. redexplorer5.0

    2001 lincoln town car steering wheel

    thank you for the information Josh P its much appreciated it would looked nice with the wood gain in my Mountie with the wood gain since i have the wood gain in the middle where my radio is
  7. redexplorer5.0

    2001 lincoln town car steering wheel

    just curious will this steering wheel fit on my 2001 mercury mountaineer
  8. redexplorer5.0

    Fog light bulbs 98 mountaineer

    Fog Light Bulb Front 899
  9. redexplorer5.0

    Fog light bulbs 98 mountaineer

    on my 2001 Mercury Mountaineer my fog lamps uses 9006 bulbs
  10. redexplorer5.0

    2000 Explorer Eddie Bauer Electrical Ghosts
  11. redexplorer5.0

    Quick question about keyless entry

    i leave my truck running all the time if i run into a store i lock my doors with truck running keys in the ignition i can use my keypad to unlock the doors while its running
  12. redexplorer5.0

    OBX Exhaust Header Manifold FITS 97 98 99 00 01 Explorer Mountaineer 5.0L V8

    i started this tread to share with the forum i never got to buy them cause of funds i know TMH where hard to get so when i went on ebay to look for a set of headers i came across these and shared it i know couple of people have bought them i didn't know nothing about the company who produced...
  13. redexplorer5.0

    keyless entry help

    koda when you shut you truck off the theft light blinks when you close the door you set the alarm the light stay steady for a couple of seconds and blinks after right when i had my 98 explorer i would shut the door and set the alarm the theft light would say steady and start to blink when it was...
  14. redexplorer5.0

    How to keep 00' explorer running clean

    the 5.0L V8 it very reliable reg oil changes,tune ups change the air filter use good gas change the fuel filter normal maintenance
  15. redexplorer5.0

    keyless entry help

    i did everything Turdle said doors unlocked-push the lock button on the FOB 2 times the horn did chirp once the theft light should stay on for 30 sec then start blink every second or so after the you set the alarm right mine does not do that do that
  16. redexplorer5.0

    keyless entry help

    thats the thing ill keep the window open set the alarm wait 5 mins open the door from the inside handle the alarm wont go off
  17. redexplorer5.0

    keyless entry help

    my 2001 mercury mountaineer keyless entry has a problem when i first got the truck i only got one original key with no fob i had two fobs brand new from my old truck not program i have a second blank original key i ordered online i haven't got it cut and programed yet i programed one remote...
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    stone deflector and lic plate holder put on
  19. IMG_2786


    home link added
  20. IMG_2784


    new tires and vent guards
  21. IMG_2781


    new tires and vent guards
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  23. IMG_2787


    headliner replaced
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