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  1. mic98xlt

    Any pics of a 2gen using 5th gen 18" oem rims???

    Still around here. It's been a while since I got the spacers. I need a couple of days to find the exact size for center hub. Look The at website I listed. You easily build them and they have an interactive website.
  2. mic98xlt

    Hate to complain but search feature is very poor

    This is indeed a terrific site of valuable information. Search however for me never gives me the results I desire easily without it becoming a long research project. Improving the search function on this site would raise it to a even higher level. Like E84X, I love this site however there is...
  3. mic98xlt

    Reverse wire Color on 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

    Kick panel on drivers side. There is a large wire harness bundle travels back to rear adjacent to drivers seat. It's a black wire with a pink stripe. There more than one black/ pink wires in the bundle so you have to use a multimeter or 12v probe to properly find it. I used that to trigger my...
  4. mic98xlt


    Well said.
  5. mic98xlt

    Dead Blinkers and Flickering Tail Lights

    I know this sounds crazy but have you replaced the two brake light bulbs? If they both are bad (open circuit) it feeds an odd stray voltage to the third LED brake light that looks like strange flickering in the third brake light. I ran into this on my '98 Ex years ago and it made for a lot of...
  6. mic98xlt

    Update on Saleen XP8 Ford Explorer 98-0028 - 1FMZU35P5WZB18340 - flood damage

    It does look real shiny and bright. It makes you wonder how often dealers hide the true history of a vehicle that they have knowledge of such as an major defect from the public. Knowing the real history of this vehicle, makes all the difference for an informed educated buyer. I would be...
  7. mic98xlt

    1999 Explorer Alternator Upgrade

    That looks just like the connections on my '05 Sport Trac. I thought that type started in '04 on the SOHC engines. Just FYI if it helps.
  8. mic98xlt

    Drivers door locking by itself

    I just changed my door latch on my Explorer Sport last week. The door handle and manual unlock black knob both are of course attached physically to the door latch by 2 different metal rods. If the door latch itself somehow internally weakens (it only takes very little physical force to lock) or...
  9. mic98xlt

    99 EX All lights randomly turn off while driving. Much help needed.

    In the "Off" position the auto mirror switch really goes "Bonkers" when the mirror switch is bad. The junk yard's that let you pull your own parts had so many, I got several mirrors years ago to ensure I had picked a good one. :thumbsup:
  10. mic98xlt

    99 EX All lights randomly turn off while driving. Much help needed.

    Just disconnect the wire harness or connector on the back of the mirror. The headlights will should work normally without any interference from the switch on the mirror. Once you have proven that your problem to the mirror the JY would be my next stop. GL.
  11. mic98xlt

    What happened..

    Thank you, and welcome back! :)
  12. mic98xlt

    Couple pictures of my V8 swap Ranger

    Yes indeed very nice! Is the dash painted black or is it black originally?
  13. mic98xlt

    03 4.0 No power Video Added

    My original engine also had no signs of wear on the timing chains or guides. It didn't show the classic oil in radiator bad head gasket signs and I changed plugs, wires and etc thinking I was close to resolving the problem. A wet spark plug and the glowing red hot cat finally put me on the right...
  14. mic98xlt

    03 4.0 No power Video Added

    At night you might want to look at Cats to see if they are glowing cherry red which probably indicate they are clogged. On my '03 Ford Sport 4.0 SOHC original engine had a bad passenger head gasket which caused pure gas pouring into the Cats. It would idle OK but as soon as you put it in gear it...
  15. mic98xlt

    power windows

    I am confused, is it only the drivers windows works and the other 3 don't work?
  16. mic98xlt

    2002 Haunted Headlights

    If you have the auto head lights switch on the mirror, that is most likely the culprit. If you unclip the harness wire on the back of the mirror, it will divorce the auto switch and the manual head light switch will act as normal.
  17. mic98xlt


    Ouch, I hope everyone OK from that impact!
  18. mic98xlt

    Just finished a 5.0 swap into my 2002!

    Sorry Vroom, I meant to say first 2001-2003 2 dr Sport. Yours is one of my favorites! :)
  19. mic98xlt

    Just finished a 5.0 swap into my 2002!

    First Explorer Sport (2001-2003) I seen with a V8! Congrats!!!!👍👍
  20. mic98xlt

    Help! Brakes suddenly go out and I frantically pump them and car accelerates for a second. dude am I CURSED

    I had the same problem as OP coming to a stop sign on a deep grade. I too had the sensation that my '98 Explorer sped up instead of stopping, and somewhat a growling sound and plus pulling to one side. After chasing it for over a month, it was the wheel sensor that falsely reported to the ABS...
  21. mic98xlt

    Another 1998 Explorer Sport V8 Project. . .Completed!

    Simply fabulous, great job!
  22. mic98xlt

    Bypassing the Park Interlock? Vehicle Won't Reliably Start

    Not to be an "Ass", but I believe Donalds advice is more than likely something to not be blown off. Based just on the above line, I would pay a kid or a family member to be sure those screws are not loose. Good luck.