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  1. TKZ

    Another 1998 Explorer Sport V8 Project. . .Completed!

    Nice work , That turned out great
  2. TKZ

    Kirby's 1991 Ranger Build Up

    That rocks !! I love the black & blue !!
  3. TKZ

    Cheeser96's 97 Explorer project - Ol' Purple

    Very nice, I think Ive seen this truck before?
  4. TKZ

    1998 explorer sas

    That look great ! nice work ! I agree , they should have come with solid axles..........
  5. TKZ

    Almost Tons Swap

    Nice work , Cant wait to see it finished !
  6. TKZ

    Second Gen MPG Numbers

    I just put on 32x11.50s and now I am down to 14.4. I think it was 15-16 with 31s 98 5.0 awd 3.73s, 50 miles a day mostly highway but heavy traffic.
  7. TKZ

    Show off your LIFTED 2nd GEN

    That looks good, I like the way it sits
  8. TKZ

    Truck Haven Fall 2018 - Veterans Day Weekend

    Thanks for posting the pics, Looks like it was a good time !
  9. TKZ

    How many miles on your 2ND GEN EX?

    Just turned 170k on my 98 5.0 AWD mounty , had 190+ on my old one . Gave it to my step daughter and a trans line rusted out. She drove it until it burned up but the motor was still good and everything else worked. Love those 5.0s
  10. TKZ

    Sunroof "sunshade" boken

    Yes, But its not to bad . try this link or search sun shade lots of info here. Remove Roof Sunshade? also a good time to clear the drains
  11. TKZ

    Sunroof "sunshade" boken

    Mine did the same thing , But only after I redid the headliner ! I just got one from the local pick & pull Haven't had a chance to put it in yet. It was a pain because I had to unbolt it and slide it out the back after tearing down the headliner. Mite be able find them on line? I did think about...
  12. TKZ

    My 1992 2 door jeep killer build

    awesome build , great work
  13. TKZ

    2018 Carlisle Ford Nationals

    Wow 27hrs !! I'm about 2 if I stop for breakfast , I really don't have any excuse then. I used to go to the spring, Ford, truck and fall religiously.
  14. TKZ

    2018 Carlisle Ford Nationals

    Do you have any more pictures or info on that black 2nd gen , that thing is clean ! I couldn't make it this year.
  15. TKZ

    2000 explorer stalls when put in gear

    I had the same problem with my old 98, 1998 Mountaineer stalling My trans guy found it and fixed it,without taking out the trans.
  16. TKZ

    1998 mercury mountaineer stereo upgrade suggestions

    I'm not looking for anything to wild, This is my daily. The stock head unit has been progressively getting worse (going to mute, scan or no display while driving ) Thinking around the $200. range, just wondering what everyone is using and liking or disliking..
  17. TKZ

    1998 mercury mountaineer stereo upgrade suggestions

    I am looking into replacing my stock head unit with maybe one of the cheaper double din radios. Any suggestion and or pics? What to stay away from ?
  18. TKZ

    Project Vehicle - 1998 Explorer Limited

    That is really impressive ! I know it was a lot of hard work - but that looks great !
  19. TKZ

    What's your explorer looking like today

    Wow you guys really have some nice looking trucks, I need to get to work. 98' 5.0 AWD 166k
  20. TKZ

    Project Vehicle - 1998 Explorer Limited

    I like to do the oil changes because it gives me a good opportunity to check everything else out, as RamdomNerd2000 said. Especially on my wife's car !!
  21. TKZ

    Running boards

    I didn't think about the dog I better check and see if she can get in it ! I did find this Broken Ground strap when I took the running boards off, made up a new one thought maybe it might fix my auto headlights but it didn't.
  22. TKZ

    I want to do a 1" or 2" body lift, not a 3", What should I buy?

    Keep the pictures coming, I want to do this too. I was thinking about making 1" spacers lots good info here.
  23. TKZ

    Running boards

    Thanks, now if only it could stop raining for a minute I could get my add a leaves on. Anyone want a free set of 98 mountaineer running boards & hardware ?
  24. TKZ

    Jeep rims and tires

    The rims I have on mine are off a Wrangler and they work fine you just have watch the offset. If they stick out too far they will rub