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    Heed Help... 2011 Explorer Limited will not start.

    thanks guys...not a bad ground or battery. The body ground is good. The battery is new and is at 13.06 volts and load tests at 11.00 volts. The car/computer will not even communicate with my scanner. The main computer probably needs a re-flash or it is fried. I even did a earth ground to the...
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    Heed Help... 2011 Explorer Limited will not start.

    Need help. My wife's 2011 Explorer Limited v6 AWD will not start. The battery was low in it and pulled it from the car to charge it. After charging and load testing it, I determine it was bad and replaced it with the factory Motorcraft 65-650. BTW, the battery is good and the alternator is...
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    Foul Smell in Cabin From Vents / AC

    I too have this musty odor in my AC on my wife's 2011 Ford Explorer Limited. I have changed the air cabin filter with no results and have spoken with the dealership about their solution.....deodorize it. For years I have worked on cars and restored cars as a hobby and such. I work on all my...