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  1. J

    How To: Pull Trouble Codes on a 1st Gen Explorer (paperclip method)

    When its cold it doesn't flash codes...
  2. J

    Changing Spark Plugs on 91-94 Explorer

    Thanks, this is a good write up. Alot of good tips in the thread too. I did mine yesterday and it went well thanks to all of you. Three quick notes though (maybe not on everyones Ex' but in my case...). First, the Bosch wireset comes pre-greased, I got the dielectric grease for no reason...
  3. J

    How To: Pull Trouble Codes on a 1st Gen Explorer (paperclip method)

    This only worked for me after the engine ran, I was trying it cold with no luck. I didn't see that in the how to... btw: 111-no fault koeo & dito cm, didn't do koer yet.
  4. J

    Starting issue; 94 Navajo

    I finaly pulled the codes, didn't realize the engine needs to be warm. All I got was 111 but I did recently disconect the battery overnight to charge it. My engine is running ok again, I think it likes cold weather better than hot. I'll be changing sprak plugs soon to see if that helps.
  5. J

    Starting issue; 94 Navajo

    I tried pulling codes the "paper clip" way but my CEL didn't blink at all, after reviewing the sticky thread by Doonze I'm pretty sure I did everything the way it says. My guess is one of the wires came loose or corroded somewhere along the line. Could someone confirm the color wire I'm...
  6. J

    Starting issue; 94 Navajo

    I have been having a problem with my 94 Mazda Navajo. It will usualy start right up on the first try, no check engine light, runs smooth too. The problem occurs when I turn it off, it will not start again for several hours, it cranks over, ignites then sputters and dies. Also the check engine...
  7. J

    ~MonoXide's X-ploder of Doom!~

    Is there any difference in fit/bulbs/hardware between Explorer and Navajo tail lights, or is it purely cosmetic? The reason is I have a big R for a cracked tail, no nearby junkyards have a Navajo, and Autozone wants $80+ to ship a used one from cali. If I could easily swap a pair of explorer...
  8. J

    New guy with a New England Navajo

    Hello. I own a '94 Mazda Navajo, I have owned it for a little over a year. I've just stumbled across this nifty little community of yours while googling some issues I'm having with my ride. I'll be digging through the "how to's" and other posts for a while to hopfuly find some answers, but...