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    True Saleen's Please Stop by!

    What are the differences betweent the 2? I tried doing an internet search and still couldn't answer my question.
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    Yeah, I noticed that right off. I want those rims, too, only in chrome. I guess they're Cobra R's?
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    Poll: White Walls out or in?

    Out, but it depends on your X. If you have a lowered X with size 50 tires on it, then you wouldn't want white letters. But mine has size 75 tires (I like the more comfortable ride) and I think there would be just too much empty black space without the letters.
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    You got it.
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    Window Tint

    I've always paid $25.00 per side window and $50.00 per rear. Just about every place I've checked, both in New Jersey and here, charges about the same.
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    I think I would just park it, stare at it, and drool.
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    Here's a link I found to some Saleen X info: DAMN, they're sweet.
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    Hey, we never need a reason to look at some X's. Especially Saleens.;)
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    Oh, boy.. bought a new toy... a big new toy!

    Damn, nice truck. Some day the wife will allow me to own one of those.;) Good luck with it. Oh wait, it's a Ford. You don't need luck.
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    keyless entry code

    I know, I hate when people do that. I mean, what are they going to do with them? Break into your car?
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    Headlight/Taillight covers

    I had smoked headlight covers on my Ranger and could see all right at night. I didn't have a problem with it but the cops do have a problem with it. Funny though, the only time I got pulled over for it was during the day (the only time they could see it) when it didn't matter whether they were...
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    You've got to have a warped mine!

    I could swear this guy lives in South Carolina.
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    SOHC V6 vs. V8?

    Get the V8. You won't regret it.
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    the 2nd coolest cop ive ever met

    Great stories. Cops are just like us, trying to do a job. I have to respect them even more, though, because I wouldn't put my life on the line for $10.00 an hour (that's what local cops make around here).
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    Be warned of Ebay POWERSELLER 024

    Glad it worked out in the end. I've used Ebay many many times (I have a 104 feedback rating but I actually have 124 positive, no negatives) and I've run into 1 or 2 bad sellers. I had one guy that used profanity in his emails and then used it in his feedback to me. They ended up getting deleted...
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    keyless entry code

    Do you have your manual? There is a plastic card that comes in the manual that has it. I'm probably wasting my time telling you this, though, since you probably already checked that.
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    how to un-zip a file

    Download Winzip from When you install it, it will ask you if you want to associate files with the program. Choose yes. Everybody uses it. It's been downloaded millions and millions of times so, trust me, it's safe.
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    WOW. This recall had to do with the power rearview mirror mechanism catching on fire. That could ruin your whole weekend.
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    Full Total Lunar Eclipse

    Yeah, really, like anything else important could possibly happen on May 15th. Actually, Matrix: Reloaded comes out May 14th at 10:00pm. I'm waiting to see if my local theater has it or not.
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    Pix of Ms. and Hammer Down Heidi of UROC

    Funny, I noticed the same thing.;)
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    Chevy/GMC recalled 500,000 Silverado's today. I don't have the link but they had it on the FoxNews ticker so if anybody has the link, feel free to post it.
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    How to Use a Slim Jim

    That's just un-Ameri..........I mean, uh, un-Australian. Or something like that..........;)
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    OK. Who Hates New Jersey?

    That's the thing: real rednecks KNOW they are rednecks and revel in it. They are down to earth, friendly people. I'd rather hang out with them any day than some stuck up, out of touch with reality, Brooklynite.
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    OK. Who Hates New Jersey?

    LOL! Cool. The people where I live now look at that term as being a positive. They call themselves rednecks and are proud of it.
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    A b**sh** story

    Hey, that's an example of a Ford service department that actually has it's sh*t together. I bet you'll remember that in the future and pay them a visit again.