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    dropped I-beams & drop blocks

    AIM lists some for the 91-94 Ex. $489.... eh....
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    went to Autozone

    Funny stuff, although at two of the autozones close to me [there are 4 autozones within 14 miles, 6 within 20]....anyway back on topic One Autozone, the manager drives a 97? white Cobra... pretty pimp At another, 1971 Mach 1... bone stock except for extra driving lights. Then you have all the...
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    What was your favorite 60's muscle car?

    Any Mustang, but a car many overlook is the 1967 Cougar XR-7. Some of the late 60s and early 70s Cougars had the 460.... yeah baby!!
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    New Company Name

    One of the shops over here is called "Chronic Car Audio" It's kinda overdone, you just hear "kronic-this" or "Chronic-that" It gets old. Didn't want to sound so negative but good luck.
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    What do ya pay for insurance

    I pay almost 2700 a year. 19-year old male with one ticket/accident. I'm the primary driver on my '95 F150 with full-coverage. I have a 500 deductable and free glass coverage/replacement. We have American Family, used to have Allstate. Mine should drop soon my agent said, anybody know how...
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    Who sells Mikes Hard Lemonade in plastic bottles?

    There's a balcony? Well I'll be damned.....
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    Who sells Mikes Hard Lemonade in plastic bottles?

    Isn't it always fun to ridicule "that guy" who walks in a party with a Mike's Hard Lemonade in his hand? Actually it's not that it's all that bad, its that there is so much better.
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    Ross is a class act. He bought my KKM from me, offered any form of payment, whichever was easiest for me. He sent the check out quickly. Good guy, a pleasure to do business with.
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    How many X's are at your work?...

    2 White 2000 Limited Ex's 1 Red 98 Ex A million and a half Chevy Cavaliers... lol
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    YOUR dream car garage

    '95 F150, reg. cab sport truck[own] '93 Explorer, converted to 4x4, lifted on 35s, 302 HO swap-in [own, minus major mods] '02 F250 SD, lifted, 38-inch tires, diesel of course, extended cab, short bed [tow rig, off road] 2001 T-Series[from Ford AUS], think of a sportier Focus with a 351...
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    Favorite Brand of Steel Toe Work Boots

    Doc Marten's makes a couple nice steel-toed but then two or three of them don't hold up so well, mostly the brown leather uppers[worked at a shoe store]. Heard good things about the Caterpillar ones too, not personal experience though.
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    It burns it burns!!!!

    Rocket is right about the itching. I fell asleep in the sun at the wave pool back in MI. I've never seen anything redder. Spend a lot of time in tub, shower maybe but bath is easier. Stop any early urges to itch it because it gets 50 times worse, you won't be able to stop.
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    1st Gen. fog lights

    I have some on my '93, the problem is that those spaces are just a bit too close to each other to get a proper spread of light as ChuckyD warned me when I asked about it. I did some 19.99 Pilot ones from Autozone in there, they look nicer than open holes and they did help when running your...
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    MXC - The Spike Channel

    For it being the network for men, their little cursive script logo for "Spike" is kinda feminine. They could of came up with something just a bit more aggressive. I just think they're trying just a bit too hard now, from TNN to TNN to SpikeTV.... what's next?
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    Does anybody have photo of KKM on '91-'94 4L?

    blackcrowe, that air tube is plastic/rubber stuff, it comes off with a flathead screwdriver at each end and then you can clean it how you see fit. The inside of mine wasn't dirty though, surprisingly clean, guess the filter was doing it's job. ld50, you should see the engine compartment of...
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    Does anybody have photo of KKM on '91-'94 4L?

    blackcrowe, I had the K&N drop-in and I never recieved the better gas mileage or felt the performance. The KKM kit is drastically different. Your engine gets louder, your gas mileage increases[depending on how you drive] and it gives a just bit more pick up with your acceleration. Anyways...
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    Can you spin your tires?

    In my '93 5-speed I could lay nice tread and chirp 1st into 2nd and so on. My friend in his '94 auotmatic can do a quick spin but nothing big at all. In my f-150 I can drop tread like no other. The 302 helps, along with the superchip and exhaust.
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    Which wheels look better?

    Those are 6 lug, they won't fit.
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    5-Vehicle Crash, crazy pic

    A kid rushing on his way to school in Glendale, Arizona caused an accident, unforunately, he is not the one who ended up in the pool. The article
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    Navigator body kit.

    What about waiting for a kit for the Aviator? Wouldn't that fit better?
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    Failed Arizona Emissions

    Mike, I passed with no problem last year on Emissions. 140,000 miles. The year or two before that was the kicker, I had my Jeep Cherokee, my sister had borrowed it and lost the gas cap. So I had two other people and me hunting all over Mesa to find a gas cap that fits.
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    Replacing factory Stereo on 91 XL

    You don't need to take the whole dash off for the deck. You'll need something to place in the holes right around the factory deck, like allen wrenches or toothpicks i think worked, to release the deck. Ford sells a radio removal tool but it's not that hard to do without it.
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    Clear Corners: Colored bulbs

    APC makes some blubs called Titan or Titanium that are silver when dormant and then turn color when they light up. I have some amber ones in my clears. You can get other colors besides amber though. I bought some from
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    My transaction was very smooth with Brad. He answered questions quickly through both email and private messages. He's a great seller, if I need something else, I'll be asking him for sure.
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    Red Wings out in 4 Games???????? (hehehe)

    I'm a Wings fan of course, but not a Cujo fan. A guy I work to refers to him as Curtis "I have no Heart" Joseph ever since he left Toronto, makes me laugh every time. Don't count out the Wings out yet, they still have it. BTW, anybody else watch Toronto/Philly yesterday? Great game, went...