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    Check Your Fan Blade!!!!!

    FWIW I actually did have one come apart and take out the radiator right at the connector for the upper radiator hose. That said, every one I've ever seen has had some rather ugly cracks in it so it just isn't realistic to always replace cracked ones.
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    1992 Ford Explorer Auto/manual locking hub Questions

    I was in the local U-Pick-It looking for a replacement cam for my auto locking hubs (92 Explorer) and it turned out that the Explorers had all been picked. I got lucky and found a Broco II with a compatible part and paid nothing beyond the $2 entry fee but obviously these things break frequently.
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    Engine vibration under light throttle

    The engine and transmission mounts look good although it's tough to get a good look at the right (passenger) side mount. The fan and fan clutch are less than two years old and I don't see any major cracks or chunks missing from the fan. I removed the belt and the only pulley that didn't spin...
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    Engine vibration under light throttle

    My 92 Explorer has recently developed a vibration. I mainly notice it under light throttle around 2k rpm but I can sometimes feel it at idle as well. It feels like something out of balance but I can't rule out a partial misfire. The CEL isn't on. My plan is to pull each of the plugs and...
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    Check Your Fan Blade!!!!!

    I've had two of these fans come apart in my 92 X. The first happened at high rpm and essentially chopped the upper radiator hose off of the nipple where it connects, damaging the radiator in the process. The second happened 4 years or so later at low speed and only finished off my already...
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    Fixed 4x4 motor but broke MAF ??

    This is on a 92 Explorer 4x4. The other day I was having trouble getting the push button 4x4 to engage 4wd high. After much fussing around I ended up removing the 4x4 shift motor from the transfer case, operating it that way and shifting the transfer case manually with a pair of pliers. After...
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    Lost OD a4ld

    Cruise control works and the check engine light is off and I don't think it has an O/D light. The PCM appears to be sending the 3-4 shift signal at the correct time. When you say to check the solenoid with a multimeter, what should I be checking, resistance? Do you know what sort of value I...
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    Lost OD a4ld

    Last week my wife came home in our 92 Ex with about 230K and told me it wasn't feeling right in OD. Sure enough it wasn't shifting into OD at freeway speeds but seems otherwise normal in Drive when warm. When cold it does feel a little sluggish in pretty much every way and for the past couple...
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    92 XLT fuel pump runs open! Plz help fix!

    I could be totally wrong but I don't think that's right. I believe the fuel pump relay is ON whenever the ignition is ON.
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    Which replacement fuel pump for my X

    I'm about to replace the fuel pump on my 92 Explorer with 220K miles and I'm just wondering what brands/models you guys like. Normally I get this type of stuff from Autozone (used to go to Pep Boys for important stuff but they've gone out of business) but this isn't the sort of part I want to...
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    After one hour 93 explorer shuts off

    If you ever track this problem down please post a follow up. I've been fighting a similar problem for 2 years. In my case it isn't quite as consistent (unless you count always dieing at least once on each vacation consistent). It only happens in 85 degree + weather and generally after 2+...
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    How to: Remove and replace door latch assembly

    A little more searching turned up the part number E83Z-5421952-B in the following thread. Sure enough my local dealer claims to have them for $3 each!
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    How to: Remove and replace door latch assembly

    Thanks to teCh0010 for the description and JAFE for the pictures. My problem is that the yellow plastic clip that holds the outer latch rod to the latch is broken. Is this piece part of the latch assembly or does it have it's own part number? What the heck do I call it?
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    Cracking Cooling Fans

    About a 1.5 years ago the radiator fan on my 92 disintegrated, taking a chunk of my radiator with it. OK, so on a truck with 200k that sort of thing happens. Fast forward to this morning and while I'm changing my oil I look up and notice that the fan is cracking again. Any ideas what...
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    vacuum lines

    On my 92 there are 2 going to the air box. The larger one is black with both yellow and green stripes and it goes to a valve on the side of the cold air intake just behind the grill and below the battery. Below a certain temperature (not sure what temp though) it re-routes intake air past the...
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    Trouble downshifting from OD

    I have a 92 Ex with an A4LD and a bit over 200K miles. When I'm at highway speeds and step on the gas while in OD (4th) the trans comes out of 4th and just revs rather than going into 3rd. Depending on how much I let off the gas it'll either drop back into 4th or into 3rd once the revs drop...
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    Really Bad Gas Mileage

    Check the FPR When mine did this it was the fuel pressure regulator. I pulled the vaccume line from the fpr and a bunch of gas pored out (good thing the engine was cold).