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    Want A Booming Amp?

    what kind of MTX is it? how old, blue thunder? road thunder? im offering 175 for it
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    first of all, you need to explain what your hooking it up in. what kind of head unit are you using? factory or after market? what year explorer do you own? does it have the "premium" system in it? answer some basic questions, and maybe youll get a good answer. In a nutshell, here it is...
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    infinity betta digital 300

    Does crutchfield still have some? i got mine about 4 months ago from them when they were having the sale... i figured theyd be out of them by now.
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    infinity betta digital 300

    YESYESYES!! Infinity Beta series amps are very good. i have a digital 100 running my sub. the 300 is a basss MONSTER. you can get 1000 watts bridged to mono at 4 ohms. very good amps. I want to get more of them.... where are you seeing yours?
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    Wire problems?!?

    no. 91EB Infinity Beta 100 putting out 400 watts into a single MTX Blue Thunder Extreme. (about 110 dB)
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    5x7 / 6x8 comps

    what 6 1/2 speakers do you recomend, how much were they, and where did you get them? I have my eye on Some infinity Kappa's for 300 bucks. they hand 120 RMS, which is much higher than other given speakers (and it shows in price) But i noticed that there are 6 1/2s speakers that are 100 bucks...
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    5x7 / 6x8 comps

    Hi everyone... i have a question for all you car sterio nuts like me out there. Do any of you have 5 x7 components? if you have 6& 1/2 speakers, what modifications had to be made. i have a 91 EB, so it has those weird plastic extender thingies that the speakers attach to. can i salvage...
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    Engine whine thru front speakers

    are you running your RCA cables from your head unit to the amps too close to the power cables? you should run the RCA's on one side, and the power on the other side. if your speaker wire is too close to the brain, that can also make big probs in the noise end.
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    Sony Products

    the amps are really good. they have good handling and some are stable down to .5 ohm. the subs arent that good.
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    go to... it has a good custom box in the explorer
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    '92 EB - JBL: - How to remove stock sub???

    DONT try to take out the little sub grate... you hvae to get the whole huge window surrounding panel off. i know, it sucks.
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    98 head unit

    do you think you could send some pictures of your system my way? what do you have for speakers?
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    solobaric in qlogic?

    infinity kappa perfect subs. they are good. solobarics fit in a qlogic type 1. i think.. . dont get mad if im wrong
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    can i replace the stock sub with a bigger one?

    if you run a ten off an amp, yes, it will be very tight. if you run a twelve off that same amp, it will not be as tight or as "harder hitting". Thats called power handling. now if you use an amp that fills up the RMS of the 12", your bass will be JUST as hard hitting and just as tight. It's...
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    Where to put tweeters

    never mind this post... sorry [This message has been edited by mtxexplorer (edited 09-22-1999).]
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    Where to put tweeters

    hey... umm... what if the sun gets in your eyes... down goes the visor and pop goes the treble... (im not arguing, in fact my previous posts have agreed with you) what have you done to combat this problem?
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    I need help picking a cd reciever

    a "good" reciever depends on what you want to do with it. if your just going to be running it through stock speaks and amps, basically any reciever will do, however you need a digital converter so that it works with your factory amps used in the jbl system. the converter will set you back 70...
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    can i replace the stock sub with a bigger one?

    hmmmm... i see... the article is in the MAGAZINE. the web site doesn't have the article. if they put all the articles on the web site, noone would buy the thing of the newstand. the ten is gonna give you some good bass response, but you arent gonna get a miracle from it. you'll get more...
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    Where to put tweeters

    in response to jordan's comment, "I would make sure you mount them someone faily close to the door speakers." you dont always have to mount them near the door speakers. i saw a dodge intrepid that won the 1998 IASCA finals and had 7"s in the kicker panels, and the tweeters are on the a pilars.
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    Step by Step

    thanks for the advice, but losing some contacts can make for some REAL bad rattling, and what about the chance of cracking the panel?
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    Step by Step

    is it possible for someone to give a good step by step of taking off the door panels in their explorer to replace the speakers. i just dont want to break the damn things. helpful things would be: where on the door you started to actually pry of the retaining clips, how you actually got them...
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    can i replace the stock sub with a bigger one?

    i thought the stock sub was an 8"
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    can i replace the stock sub with a bigger one?

    car sterio review has a comparison of the custom enclosures that fit in the stock spot... check them out... the companies represented are jl, mtx, kicker, and bostwick. mtx are what i prefer. they even have powered ones so you dont have to buy a separate amp. youll only fit a 10 inch in that...
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    need some advice..

    sounds good to me... my friend burned the "dr" from a drive series amp in his hand cuz it was so hot. luckily my infinity amp doesn't get reallly hot even when its on all day. also, if your not using the space where the factory sub goes, you could put an amp there, mount it to plywood, cover...