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    95exploderboy's Full Width SAS

    What happened to the yellow?
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    Totaled car for my birthday

    Well, hopefully everything will work out in the end.
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    Eploderpilot's Photo Thread!!!

    What type of camera do you have. I am guessing it is not a disposable.
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    Totaled car for my birthday

    Who is your insurance company? I can't believe they would be jerking you around like that.
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    -Your Explorer-

    --1997 Explorer XLT SOHC AWD --$10500 (in 2002) --77000 --136000 I'm really hoping to turn this truck into something special when I get back from overseas.
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    Eploderpilot's Photo Thread!!!

    The people air assaulting look British, at least from what I remember from their desert uniform. I also like the pictures of the 240s...with BFAs on! I never see those, just the 240bs
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    Digital Voltage Meter?

    Is this when they are not building the Terminator?
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    Satellite Radio - who's got it?

    I see that Sirius is coming out with backseat TV, is XM doing the same?
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    Post you DVD system pics

    Has anybody ever used a model that runs from a hard drive, such as the Eclipse AVN7000? Does it run just as well as the units with a DVD?
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    Door Latch Assembly

    I ended up just cutting one of the parts off. I couldn't figure out how to get the rod off without doing it. Got it done, though.
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    Door Latch Assembly

    Thanks for the tip. If that does not work, out comes the Saw Zall!!!
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    Did you emigrate from the Great State, or are you just a fan?
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    Door Latch Assembly

    Anybody have any ideas to the above question?^^^^^^^
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    Door Latch Assembly

    Can't get the latch out!!! I don't know how you guys do it, but I cannot get the latch out. I read through mikeh's post ( but still cannot get the rods out. No matter what way I twist, nothing will budge. For example...
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    Replacement Interior Roof Liner?????

    I would agree. They have the tool and the know how. Plus, if they screw up and cut in the wrong place, it is their dime, not yours.
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    Door Latch Assembly

    Thanks for the advice djstatix I am guessing you bought it at the Ford dealer?
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    pierce79 introduction

    Hello all I have a 1997 XLT, which I bought in 2002. I currently live in Lincoln, Nebraska, but ship for Army basic training in June and then for Officer Candidate School in September. I am planning on replacing the engine and doing some other modifications. Thanks for all of the great...
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    Door Latch Assembly

    latch problems I am somewhat having the same problems with my driver door. I have to cycle the power lock a few times before it will open. I took my door apart and took out the retaining screws that held in actual latch. It worked like normal when it swung freely in the door, but not when I...