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    How to: Overhead console display fix - 2nd Gen

    do you or anyone else have pictures of the above mentioned resistor soldered on the board by chance??? i know crap about this kinda stuff but always thought you can only attach those kind of resistors into the holes of the board and THEN solder them from the back of the board... mine doesn't...
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    All you need to know about keyless entry

    i had already tried that after reading the manual and it still does nothing. i even tried adding my own code and still nothing. the keypad lights up and curtisy lights come on when the keypad is pressed and 7-8 9-0 at the same time locks all so i have no idea what's up with it. I'll try to...
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    All you need to know about keyless entry

    I have a 99 and finally found the code with the help of this thread. I got a problem though. The 5 digit code doesn't work when entered. my remote will unlock and lock the doors. the curtisy lights turn on when unlocked and the anti theft will flash red when the doors are locked. Can the rap...