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  1. Z

    94 Explorer A/C leak

    Ender up replacing everything but the condenser and the short line from the conderner to the bottom evaporator line. Piss poor evaporator design there with the long tube to the accumulator unsupported- cracked at the weld. Could have probably been fixed but replaced it anyway. Its good for...
  2. Z

    compressor clutch not turning

    Try checking the resistance of the two terminals on the compressor for continuity to rule out an open winding in the pullin coil.
  3. Z

    Compressor going out?

    Nope. Maybe if you could fill it up with STP. ;)
  4. Z

    Adding refrigerant to the A/C

    You can if you use manifold gauges and open the wrong valve.:(;)
  5. Z

    1993 Ex (1st gen) A/C cooler after the engine warms up

    Could it be coincidental with the thermostat opening? Not sure what difference it makes- nothing comes to mind- just a thought.
  6. Z

    Refrigerant can gauge reads between “hi” & "danger zone" when compressor turns

    I`ll second that advice on the gauges and agree that you probably overcharged it. Full charge is 22oz and a few low can make a big difference in output air temperature- so you may be way over. Over charge it and it starts warming up again. Good idea to monitor both the output air temp and can...
  7. Z

    94 Explorer A/C leak

    Bout that time of the year again so I gathered my manifold guages, charging hose and fed just short of 2 12oz cans of 134 into the low side as I have been doing for several years. The test drive was ice cold as usual so I went home to warm up. An hour later the wife sent me to the store and well...
  8. Z

    94 Explorer Auto Hubs rebuild

    This covers most of it. The parts can be seriously rusted together.
  9. Z

    Won't shift on its own

    The solenoids (shift valves) are located in the valve body and direct oil pressure to the appropriate pistons in the transmission to cause the gears to shift. The valve body is often accessable once the trans oil pan is removed. If you are lucky the solenoid can be replaced without pulling the...
  10. Z

    HELP Starter Relay

    wheres the relay? are you talking about the starter cutoff relay?,257527/vehicleId,2154701/initialAction,partProductDetail/store,1107/partType,01350/shopping/partProductDetail.htm
  11. Z

    HELP Starter Relay

    Where is this relay located ? I have a 94 4wd EB and could look at it tomorrow and posta pic. Hows that for helpful? :salute:
  12. Z

    Ball joints/ camber bushings

    Bad ball joints on passenger side. Everything was going great till I got to the spindle. The tie rod end even popped out in one hit. The spindle was rusted in bad but finally pried it out with a BFH, meat cleaver and big screwdriver. The needle bearings are ok and the u-joint too. Read the...
  13. Z

    1994 Ranger shifting late into 2nd gear

    Good to know it wasn`t the shift valve. The Devil took holt of me and made me type those things. He makes me do it every chance I get. <hint> I think it was cause I watched The Exorcist the other night. :thumbsup::us:
  14. Z

    1994 Ranger shifting late into 2nd gear

    I`m not an expert on Ford transmissions and dont even know what which one is in your truck. But I did just recently rebuild an AW4 Jeep 4 speed automatic. Its problem was a delayed 1 to 2 shift when cold and shifted normally when up to operating temp. The problem was simply a dirty 1-2 shift...
  15. Z

    automatic hubs

    Thanks bro. Sounds like there might be some life in them after all. They are definitely dirty. :)
  16. Z

    Adjust Wheel Bearing Info

    Make sure its not the ball joints first. You wouldnt be the first person to mistake loose wheel bearings for worn ball joints.:)
  17. Z

    automatic hubs

    The factory automatic hubs stopped working. Since I have to replace the ball joints am wondering if there a realistic chance that cleaning them will fix em. Whats the torque in the spindle clamp nut ? Great forum.!!! Cant believe I didnt I didnt find this place earlier :D