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    2016-17 Sport / Platinum Exhaust Tips

    Hey guys does anyone still have they’re stock 16 rear valances? I backed into something and need to replace the silver and black pieces. I have a 16 limited non/tow. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Foul Smell in Cabin From Vents / AC

    Hey guys my wife's 16 Explorer has a bad musty smell coming from the vents when you turn the air on. When A/C is engaged it smells fine but otherwise it's really bad. I just replaced the cabin filter. Still problem exists. Im sure it's bacteria/mold somewhere in the unit. I'm wonder if anyone...
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    Clicking front wheels

    Thanks for your Reply, that click sounds exactly like mine, only mine is not so rapid, I haven't turned in a circle like he did but will try that this morning on the way to the dealer. Thanks
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    Clicking front wheels

    Thanks for your reply but my clicking is more than 1 time, it almost seems to be revolving. I drop it off at ford today I will update when it's resolved
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    Clicking front wheels

    Hey guys I'm experiencing a clicking sound at very low speeds when turning the wheels? In forward and reverse. Both sides, nothing touching in the wheel wells. Kinda sounds loudest near the brake calipers.. Any ideas? I've taken it to the dealer a few times and they're remedy was to replace a...
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    Lemon Law??

    I know the Explorer is mechanically sound I am a stickler for maintenance. I do agree, at this point I stopped calling them because I am essentially getting free miles from the escape. The dealer service manager has told me they ordered a new 9pin something. That didn't fix it, new wiring...
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    Lemon Law??

    In feb 2016 I signed a 3yr lease for a new explorer limited. March 2 2017 I dropped off my explorer at the local dealership because the driver seat lost a rivet in the track and was rocking back and forth. Also a day earlier I noticed smoke coming from the dash and the electronics/screen stopped...
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    Hey I'm also considering an exhaust for my 16 Limited. Did you notice any power/fuel improvements from removing that giant resonator?
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    What's your MFT wallpaper? Please share!!

    Hi I'm new. Just purchased 2016 Limited. I cant even figure out how to change the backround. I tried pluging in my iPhone 6, no luck. is there a step by step somewhere? thanks
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    New Update!!!!

    hello new 16 Limited. is there a tune for me? is it worth it? btw don't have access above 91oct. thanks
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    5th Gen Explorer Photo Thread

    here is the wife when we picked up her new ride
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    The Ford order/build/deliver timeline.

    I ordered my 16 Limited 4wd from Fremont ford and they quoted me 8-9 weeks. It was here in my possession in 5! So happy with it!