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    How does a lift effect allignment?

    I'm getting new tires tomorrow afternoon and wanted to go ahead and do the TT/shackles. My situation is though, that Tuesday I have a couple hundred mile drive to go on, and wanted to wait about a week to get a professional allignment, so the suspension has time to settle. Now, my alignment is...
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    The Movie Quotes Thread!!

    LOL, I forgot that movie! "I'll bitc*-slap you back to Africa!" Jackie Chan Just remembered Steve Martin from The Jerk, too "SOMEBODY HATES THESE CANS!" "They'll be driving a blue, Chevy 2-door... They'll also be pulling a small church. So if you see a blue Chevy 2-door pulling a small...
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    The Movie Quotes Thread!!

    "Better to be dead and cool, than alive and uncool" -Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man "GET THIS GUY SOME WATER!" "WATER MY ASS, GET THIS GUY SOME PEPTO-BISMOL!" -Space Balls Anything from Leon/The Professional... Thats one cool movie.
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    Ram Air question....

    I know guys that have done the homemade deal, I seriously doubt any difference would be noticed, even at high speeds, with a home-rigged setup. The airflow dynamics over the surface of a car are very complicated and must be understood do design and execute an effective ram air setup. Ever...
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    Ram Air question....

    Well, with most ram airs systems (at least stock Ford ones) you have vacuum-operated flappers, so they only open up when you're on the gas... When you're on the gas, you just, well, live with it. On a more opinionated note; Ram Air doesn't do very much, I wouldn't spend too much $$$ on it...
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    Exhaust question

    Nope... It means it flows twice the volume of gas. Ultra Flows, for a straight through muffler, are REAL quiet. On my Talons, the Super Turbo was actually louder than the Ultra Flow, dependant on the model. Dollars to donuts says that the 40 series Flows are louder. Ultra Flows make a nice...
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    CD scratch repair-Skip Dr.?

    I can attest to this too... I have a Philips burner+generic ROM, and it will burn fine at 16x as long as the CD is pretty prestine, but if it is scratched at all, it will botch up. I burn scracthed discs at 2x, never had a problem. To fix scratched CD's, I use optical grade polish. I...
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    Removing EB Flares?

    IMHO way more trouble than it would be worth... The body is painted under the flares, but it is gonna be dirty and rough, and it would take lots of work to blend it with the exposed paint. The biggest obsticle would be the mounting holes. The flares are connected with push-in fasteners...
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    anyone actually have a supercharged v8

    Me either.... No one I've ever talked to has called a turbo a blower, even on the DSM boards.
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    anyone actually have a supercharged v8

    Most turbo setups do alot more than whistle, my first Talon's turbo was LOUD... You could here it trying to suck the hood through the intake, fire off the blowoff valve to the atmosphere, and I ran a dump tube for the wastegate, so it got REALLY loud at max boost. Turbo's themselves aren't...
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    anyone actually have a supercharged v8

    The worst a turbo could do is damage the exhaust, if you've ever played around with them theres an extremely rare chance that the flimsy little impeller blades could get through the housing... But you can shoot them down the exhaust if the bearings seize, but every time I did that it just...
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    1996 Explorer Heat Problem - Blend Door Actuator Plenum

    At the extremes, it wedges itself stuck... Yours my be different, depending on the severety/place of the break, but I can get my either all the way open or all the way closed w/o anything olding it. Good luck!
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    1996 Explorer Heat Problem - Blend Door Actuator Plenum

    Re: Blend Door Fiasco My blend door is busted, but I can open and close it manually (I usually wedge it either all open or all closed). I just took the motor off the top of the plenum, and use a stubby screwdriver crammed down in the blend door, and you can turn it back and forth if it...
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    Changing Plugs/Wires

    GEEZ!!! I buy Autolite coppers for my Mach for 99 cents each! Hehe, you send me a 2 bucks a plug and I'll mail you some cheap US plugs :confused: ..
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    what type oil do you use?

    I use Mobil 1 5w30 in the Explorer so I can sleep easier at night and not feel guilty about not changing it right at 3000 miles... My Mach 1 runs Mobil 1 15w50, and I always used Mobil 1 10w30 in my turbo Talons.
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    How much do you pay to insure your xploder?

    I pay 200 a month for both my Explorer (full coverage w/ $500 deductables) and my Mach 1 (full coverage, stated value $13,000)... 20 years old, good student discount, driver's ed discount, last ticket was about 2 1/2 years ago. Insured through State Farm, my brother's Ram 1500 is under my name...
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    Tell me about racing yer Ex...

    Absolutely, I agree 100%. Especially w/ a 4000lb Explorer, 55 is 55.
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    Factory Speaker Replacement

    Yup, they do it with EVERY car, I remember they had the speaker sizes in the Talons completely wrong. I think that if it is not a direct bolt on that has the exact same deminsions as the factory, they say it won't fit. Either that or they do no research, which would be sad, as much as they...
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    speaker ohm ?

    If you wire 2 4 ohm voice coils in parallel, it will yield a 2 ohm mono load. If you hook that 2 ohm mono load to a bridged amp, the amp sees a 2 ohm mono load. It would put out the same amount of power if you had 2 1 ohm loads on each channel of the amp (approximately). How you wire the amp...
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    Ohm's Law

    You're good to go at 2 ohms, Ohm's Law does apply to speakers, for future reference.
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    What temperature do you bake PVC?

    Careful if you use a torch, it doesn't take much heat... I tried that method once, but must not have done it precisely right 'cause the whole house stunk like burning PCV for a week and I had to peel the puddle of pipe up off the floor :eek: .
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    Old wives tale...

    I agree w/ you 95, like I said in my first post the one signifigant difference was at the temperature extremes. Again, like I said between that (trust me, in WV we have the worst of all the climates) and change intervals is why I use it (in the Explorer, that is). But I'll never agree with...
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    What temperature do you bake PVC?

    Just a couple things I thought of readin' your post- After you heat it up, make sure you bend it around something... If you try to do it with your bare hands it will kink (I've bent PCV before and had that problem)... Maybe around a paint can or something. And if your PCV idea doesn't pan...
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    5 1/4 component install question

    Ahh hell, I always see them when I'm not looking, now I can't find them... Honestly, just about anywhere sells 'em. Making them is acutally a piece of cake. Take out the speaker, trace it onto a piece of wood, use a jigsaw (if you're using MDF it'll take forever to cut w/ a jigsaw, but its...
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    plate vs. 2-way?

    Agreed! Plate speakers really take a chunk out of the midbass, they just don't have the frequency response to sound great... If I was you, I'd just get some 6 1/2's or 5 1/4's and either build or buy a set of adapters. Good luck!