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    Backseat Seatbelt is cut. Please help.

    Maybe one of my sister's dopey dogs chewed it off, I don't know. I don't think duct tape will fix it. Where do I go for a new restraint belt? I might still have the pushy inny part. Thanks.
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    Non-ferrous fenders and hood on a 2002 Exploder?

    Do they dent more easily, like for example by HAIL?
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    Non-ferrous fenders and hood on a 2002 Exploder?

    I was testing a sticker magnet on the hood of my Explorer, and it wouldn't stay. Humph. But on the back deck, where it will reside, it sticks fine. Whoa. Question: why are the front fenders and hood non-ferrous (apparently). Are they plastic or SS? Is it magic? One issue is, I bought this last...
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    Replacing Multifunction Switch

    96 Explorer-- My wipers haven't functioned right since I got the truck. The intermittent setting goes randomly, but the low/high was fine; until last night. Now the intermittent stops unless I lightly touch or wiggle the turn knob. low/ high is touchy, but mostly works okay. I think it's only a...
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    Windshield wipers freezing

    My problem with the front wipers: Here we had a couple of inches of snow, then freezing rain on top. I had to chip off the surface of ice to clear the snow from the car. It continued to be sub-freezing the next few days, and there was still ice around the arms of the wipers. The first time I...
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    A/C runs on some heat settings

    96 XLT problem: When the heat is set to front/feet or feet/defrost, the A/C kicks on. Set to feet only, it's just heat, compressor off. It doesn't really matter in the summer, but does in the winter. Today I (DUH!) pulled the A/C fuse. But, what gives? Why A/C on those settings only? Spooky.