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    Weird Buzzing Sound

    Do you access the blower fan from the passenger compartment or from under the hood? Thanks.
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    Drivers heated Seat Not Heating

    Seat heater? Where are the controls? How can I tell if I have it? Thanks.
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    Windshield Wiper Blade Length

    Good point. I will check for this on my rear glass. I now have 22" driver side and 20" passenger side with no problems driving around town. I do need to check highway driving at speed. BTW, I am in San Antonio, Texas and today (28Jun07) it is really raining! Reportedly 3-4 inches an hour...
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    Windshield Wiper Blade Length

    Twenty inches works fine on my 1998 EB Explorer which is the correct size wiper for the wife's Expedition. In measuring, 22 inches will also fit well on the Explorer windshield, both sides. The original wipers I had were 18 inches. I don't know if the larger size would cause motor problems...
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    what transmission in 98 5.0 awd exp?

    How do you search for that? Thanks.
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    Windshield Wiper Blade Length

    My apologies if already covered. I have replaced the read wiper 14 inch blade with a 16 inch blade. In a closed forum, I saw the suggestion to use a 20 inch blade on the drivers side and a 19 inch blade on the passenger side. Thanks to the forum here for that information. Does anyone...
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    Cruise Control Switch

    Isn't there a Ford recall on this?
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    Do i have the pats system

    I found the square on my key! :) It is on one end of the top edge of the key. The small square is actually a rectangle about one-quarter inch long and one-eight inch wide. It appears as if it is a repair to the plastic that was not properly covered and smoothed out.
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    Can You Help with a Door Locking Problem?

    You have described my situation in this thread. However, I have not found it to be a problem. In my case, this situation did not occur until after I had maintenance on the driver's lock to replace the electric mechanism and the lock itself which had frozen and was unusable.
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    No Auto Lock Only on Driver's Door

    I had the auto lock mechanism fail on the driver's door of my 1998 EB, AWD. It was impossible to operate the lock, so the car was never secured. I replaced the mechanism after many false starts (another story). About two months ago, it stopped working again. I checked it and the electrical...
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    Tire Pressure!?

    Tire Pressure Increase I just increased my tire pressure from 32 psi to 38 psi. Average gas mileage went from 16 mpg to 19-20 mpg. It seems to handle okay.
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    '98 Dual Media Audio Sys Controls Inop

    Well...two days later and I can't duplicate it. Seems to work okay.
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    '98 Dual Media Audio Sys Controls Inop

    This morning I started the car and turned on the radio. All faceplate buttons work fine. There is something to this that I don't understand and I can't find in the owner's manual. I will keep experimenting and see if I can detect a pattern of operation.
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    '98 Dual Media Audio Sys Controls Inop

    My 1998 Dual Media audio controls are inop. This is not like the threads where the face plate will not light but the radio operates. My system operates and the face plate lights, but the radio select/set buttons do not work. I cannoct change between FM/AM/CD on the faceplate. I have steering...
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    My quest for 30 MPG - Ford Explorer Gas Mileage Tips

    Thanks Aldive. I appreciate the info. So, is the SOHC no longer available? Are all newer Explorers OHV?
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    My quest for 30 MPG - Ford Explorer Gas Mileage Tips

    I am new on the forum. I am also amazed at the gas mileage that is being reported. I have a 1998 EB, V8, AWD, and I am getting about 21 mpg on the road. Probably 14 in town. Please help me with some of these terms. OHV SOHC Scanguage SCT Programmer Apten Chip Is the bolt on air dam...