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  1. J

    Broken rear windshield wiper

    Thanks guys. No it's not the hatch safety switch, like I said it turns without contact but can't when there's any friction. I think I'm going to go ahead and replace it as I'm skeptical that I could actually repair it.
  2. J

    Broken rear windshield wiper

    So my rear windshield wiper has pretty much stopped working. It'll turn sometimes when the arm is off or if it's not touching the glass. I've already replaced the motor once. I have no idea on the inner workings of the motor so I can't even guess what could be the problem, maybe a stripped gear...
  3. J

    1992 2-door quirks

    Yeah I saw another XL (4-door) the other day and it had body color c-pillars too. And I've also noticed that the black c-pillars get kind of jacked up after a while, so I'm thankful for mine. I just don't understand why they would make the base model better than the upgrade in that respect...
  4. J

    1992 2-door quirks

    I have a 92 2-door XL, and there are some little curiosities about it that I'm wondering if anyone has seen elsewhere. Maybe I'm not familiar enough with the trim lines and such, but some of these things just confuse me: -My truck has body color c-pillars. This is something I have not seen on a...
  5. J

    rear wiper

    Yeah, I got a 13", but now I'm thinking I should replace it with something longer. 13" doesn't really cut it when my rear windshield is dirty.
  6. J

    Console arm rest hinge help needed????

    I'm pretty sure you have to go ahead and replace the entire armrest. I couldn't figure out a way to separate the 2 parts, so I just bought a complete armrest assembly online and installed that.
  7. J

    Parts truck

    Heck yes I could use some parts.
  8. J

    how often do temp senders go bad on these cars?

    Yeah that's actually what was wrong with mine, it was stuck open. As a result it was always at the very bottom below C.
  9. J

    how often do temp senders go bad on these cars?

    Mine was always below the C, no matter what. Turns out the thermostat was bad. Got it replaced and now it works fine.
  10. J

    what do u think??

    Ha, I'd stay away, he sounds like a real sleaze to me.
  11. J

    power steering whine

    Yeah mine whines pretty loud and it's all fine otherwise. Just loud.
  12. J

    Does your Cruise Control Work?

    Mine works just fine. I've never had to repair it or anything. Too bad I never use it.
  13. J

    Idle problem on 92 Navajo

    I have this problem on my '92. Don't know what causes it. It will sort of jerk back and forth when I idle, and on rare occasions the engine will just cut off. However it doesn't seem to be having any major effects on the car. Just an annoying quirk, I think.
  14. J

    Low Mileage 1st Gens

    My '92 had about 87,000 when I bought it 6 months ago. It's now at a little over 90,000. I am the 3rd owner of this truck-it was hardly driven before I got it.
  15. J

    Interior door pull repair

    Ok, I reinforced the bottom of my existing armrest and it seems to be holding up just fine. This stuff dries hard as a rock. Aside from the lame "DIY repair" look, I am pretty happy. Now to see if it can withstand being repeatedly pulled by passengers.
  16. J

    1st gens with two tone paint jobs?

    Just saw a 4-door with black on the bottom and white on the top. Ugly as sin.
  17. J

    Interior door pull repair

    As I said, I've been hunting all over. I've been to quite a few junkyards, but the fact is it's a rare part. The 2-door panel is uncommon itself, but findable. The problem is that I have manual doors/locks, and I have not been able to find another car that matches mine.
  18. J

    Interior door pull repair

    Yeah, unfortunately that piece is not the one I need. It is especially hard because that part is plentiful on eBay. Although I considered using just the handle part of that arrangement, cutting out the corresponding part on my door panel, and replacing it with the new piece. It's more trouble...
  19. J

    Interior door pull repair

    Hey, I have a '92 2-door XL, and my passenger side interior door pull, expectedly, is broken. Now I am not talking about a little crack or anything. This thing is practically dissolved. The problem is that the part is very unique; I have hunted all over Southern California for this part and have...