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    1 year review

    We purchased a 2021 XLT with the Sport Package on 3/19/21, with a November 2020 build date. Driven 9,000 miles to date. We love it so far. Been back to the dealer once, for wiring harness connector problem in the driver seat. The transmission has been super smooth. Gas mileage better than...
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    2020 Heated Seat Issues

    I have had my 2021 almost one year. Only problem to date was the drivers seat airbag after about 3 months of ownership. Turned out it was a problem with the connector between the seat bottom and the seat back. Technician said he thought he fixed it, but he ordered a new harness and told me to...
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    Not a glowing report on the 2022 Ex.

    I have the Explorer and an 2019 F-150 10 speed. Both transmissions have been smooth so far. However all the complaints here and on the F-150 forum about the transmission make me wonder why Ford cannot or will not solve the issue so many folks are having. My wife had a 2012 Focus with the...
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    Making Oil - I'll be Rich!

    Seems you have a dilution problem which appears relatively common on direct injection engines. I changed my factory oil at 5,000 miles and it seemed okay. However I have about 3,000 on the new oil (NAPA full synthetic) and it has risen on the dipstick. And it seems to have a stronger fuel...
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    OEM All Weather Mat- Passenger Clip

    I think the passenger mat post may be there if the vehicle was ordered from the factory with the all weather mats. My XLT was ordered with the mats and it has the passenger post for the mat.
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    Intermittent Airbag Warning Light

    Appointment this morning with the dealer. Was the connection from seat bottom to seat back. He worked on it and the light has been off all day. He ordered a new harness, but said if it does not come back on in the next few weeks that it should be okay.
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    Intermittent Airbag Warning Light

    I fiddled with the harness connector and the light is off for now. Thanks Peter & DorAExplorer. I am going to keep my dealer appointment as I suspect the problem will reappear.
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    Intermittent Airbag Warning Light

    Thanks, I will try it when I get home tonight.
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    Intermittent Airbag Warning Light

    Last Friday, my wife took the Explorer out. During her trip, the warning light came on and I received an alert on FordPass for a drivers side airbag issue. The light later went off. A little while later, it came back on and I received another alert on FordPass. When I got home, I started it...
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    2021 AGM Battery?

    Just checked the battery, it is an AGM. Wow, dread ever replacing it myself. I guess the engineers and designers were assigned the task of making it as difficult as possible! They were highly successful. 😳
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    Sound after sitting a while

    I know that it shuts the lights off after a time and the sequence I just told you probably covered 10 minutes. I was just trying to show everyone that something different shut off each time I heard a clickey/clack. Sometimes I hear the noise long after I shut it off, so I suspect that is...
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    2021 AGM Battery?

    I have not pulled the battery cover off to inspect the battery in my 2021. My 2019 F-150 came with an AGM battery. I have an old Mustang and in 2010 I installed a reproduction Autolite battery that has AGM internals. It has been a Batteryminder AGM maintainer and it is still strong after 11...
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    Sound after sitting a while

    i installed the glove compartment and console lights this evening. I was curious about how they worked. So I closed the door and sat until the interior lights went out. I heard the clickety/clack then. The light under the touch screen stayed on. The light in the glove compartment still...
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    Center Console Light?

    Thanks for the write up and pictures. Installed this evening. Probably would not have thought of it were it not for this thread. Sure helps having a light in such a deep hole!
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    Adding OEM Glove Box Light

    Thanks for the write up and pictures. I Installed the glove box light and console light this evening. Easy pezzy quick and easy!
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    Who is dissatisfied with the 2020 Ten-Speed Trans

    Sadly, the industry, following Toyota’s lead, went to J-I-T (just in time inventory) years ago. They have little to nothing on hand. When the pandemic hit, they all canceled many orders with suppliers anticipating a sharp drop in demand. Since parts are sourced all over the world, items in...
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    Cabin Noise (Echo)

    Our 2021 XLT Sport Package is super smooth and quiet Too
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    Possibly getting an 2021 or 2022 XLT

    It was a little difficult to install as you have to get underneath it. I pulled mine up on ramps and had difficulty seeing to take the pvc line loose. I would recommend getting it on a lift so you could see a little better.
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    Possibly getting an 2021 or 2022 XLT

    I purchased a 2021 XLT in March 2021. Currently, we have driven approximately 3,700 miles. So far, the 10 speed transmission has been flawless. I installed the JLT catch can at about 2,500 miles. Wife took it on a long trip after the install, I just checked the catch can and it had about...