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    04 Expo on 20" Heros

    Looks great.
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    5.0 mountaineer vs loaded 5.0 explorer

    I seen a pic of one on here last night after I made the last post. I have never really paid much attention to the mountaineers until now.
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    Muffler delete - legality

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    What would you buy for your Explorer if you had $2,500?

    4406 Conversion... Which would do away with AWD and have 2wd,n,4hi,4low
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    5.0 mountaineer vs loaded 5.0 explorer

    I never seen a 97-2001 mountaineer with a driver information system system like the Eddie Bauer Explorer has
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    AWD to 4wd Conversion

    Agreed... I might go ahead and pick this Explorer up then. Im gonna find me the transfer case, driveshafts, and parts that Im gonna be needing too, After I purchase.
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    AWD to 4wd Conversion

    Thank You! Liked what I seen in both links you gave me.
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    AWD to 4wd Conversion

    I am just curious about how someone can go about doing away with full time AWD and converting it over to the part time switch on the dash or manual 4WD with 4 Low for a 1998 Ford Explorer 5.0 AWD. *Can it be done and What will work? I am not a fan of full time AWD, however I can adapt to...
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    New 2 Forum

    Hello to All The name is Jeff. I am from Maryland. I found this forum thru google. This site so far looks to be very informative and that is why I joined up tonight. I however do not own an Explorer yet, but I am looking to get this Explorer within the next few weeks.