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    Fuel Spit-back - TSB 22-2176 Superceded by TSB 22-2433

    3/36 or 5/60...... doesn't matter, this is an emissions issue. Any repairs should be covered under the 8/80 federal emissions warranty. OP should check out the link below and then talk to the dealership
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    Where is the voltage regulator located? Overcharging alternator, trying to find the cause.

    Relax Mr. Turtle "Moderator"......nobody's trolling anything. We're all just tossing up ideas and information. Get the stick out of your ass Get off your high "MODERATOR" pedestal and STFU & let us little people toss ideas back & forth. If you don't like something you see/read......feel free...
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    Where is the voltage regulator located? Overcharging alternator, trying to find the cause.

    You can replace the voltage regulator without removing the alternator from the vehicle.......just be sure to disconnect one of the battery cables so that there's no chance of electrical sparks.......also, have a magnetic "grabber tool" handy incase you drop one of the regulator screws as you...
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    Where is the voltage regulator located? Overcharging alternator, trying to find the cause.

    I beg to differ. That statement might hold true for alternator designs of the 60's, 70's and 80's. But alternator components have come a long way. Shops don't repair alternators because a shop makes a ton more money installing complete alternators rather than fixing them. Think about it, how...
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    Where is the voltage regulator located? Overcharging alternator, trying to find the cause.

    Yep, that's it..........and the later alternators don't have that sheet metal "cage" covering the back of the alternator.
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    Where is the voltage regulator located? Overcharging alternator, trying to find the cause.

    The regulator is screwed onto the back of the alternator. 4 screws. It's the piece where the wire harness connector plugs into. Many times, when an alternator is over charging, this regulator is the problem. In rare cases the alternator can over charge when the rectifier is the problem. The...
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    Torque converter fluid change

    What's the torque converter code? And I seriously doubt changing the fluid in it will change anything.
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    How to get a free or very cheap car to go back and forth to work?

    Call around to all your local tow truck companies. Ask them if they have any police impounded 'lien sale' vehicles for sale. This is how I get inexpensive vehicles. 2010 Lexus slight bumper damage. 1988 IROC-z Camaro dented door. 2014 Nissan Altima vandalized I bought those vehicle from tow...
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    12 Volt Solutions Remote Start Kit??

    Is having the hood switch necessary? IIts a single wire negative-ground switch used to trigger the horn "honk honk honk". If there's no switch, there won't be any honk
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    Explorer 4.6 phaser knock

    Volkswagen owners around the world agree with this opinion.
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    PCM programming?

    No. FORScan can not do programming. Programming will have to be done at an authorized facility and the programming will be documented in the vehicles history and noted in your local Department of Motor Vehicle data base. Main reason for this is because the VIN information embedded in the PCM...
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    Lift questions

    Shoulda just asked your dad to borrow his rig for a weekend and bring it back to him with SAS and coilovers....he'd be pissed at first, but once he crawled it.......he'd be high 5'n you.
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    Rear hatch interchangibility?

    Wait.......the tail light/turn signal housings. In the pic below, you see the housing on the right, the amber color section of that tail light lens is the turn signal. This bulb is off until you activate the turn signal. The housing on the left does not have an amber colored section. No big...
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    2003 EXP LTD 4.6 V8 engine tick?

    So......did you recently get the truck with the ticking noise happening.
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    2003 EXP LTD 4.6 V8 engine tick?

    You should pull the rollers and inspect them.......also inspect the adjusters.
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    Failed Smog: HC, NO OK - but CO is high

    Geezus H. Effin' Christ........what an ordeal. Glad you got the rig sorted out. I'm gonna pop open an ice cold beverage 🍷 and celebrate for ya. And yeah, that's a new one.......the sensor backing out of the threads on its own. In all my MANY years of doing vehicle repairs at work (and at...
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    2003 EXP LTD 4.6 V8 engine tick?

    Many times some Ford's came into the shop with this sound......4.6L with auto trans. Cracked flexplate. Broken torque converter stud. Loose flexplate bolts. You can pull the starter to inspect the torque converter studs and (with camera scope) inspect the flexplate for real way...
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    2001 Explorer 5.0 P0174 Code

    Are you saying the engine runs fine before it warms up? If so, I'd suspect the Ambient Air Temperature sensor has failed.
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    What Is This Noise?

    Warped brake rotor and a bent dust shield bent towards the rotor.
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    multiple codes

    Do these engines have a DPFE sensor?
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    What Is This Noise?

    .......and warped brake rotor.
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    Are catalytic convertors covered under original Ford warranty? 2017, about 45k miles.

    For those of you who are wondering why Ford would replace catalytic converters when the vehicle is no longer within the Bumper to Bumper warranty as well is not within the powertrain warranty's because they are obligated to make the repairs under the Federal Emissions Vehicle Warranty...
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    Electrical/Computer problem?

    Use a diagnostic tool with the ability to "Scan All Modules".....….that's the first step.