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  1. J

    Looking to interview owners

    Bush has said that 1,000 times, the problem is that its not possible at the moment. Research needs to take place, although we won't see results of 30 years or so.
  2. J

    Looking to interview owners

    This is my last 20mpg vehicle. My next will be a ~40mpg car. The main reason is that I take it long distance, its the contrast of spending $200 on fuel compared to spending $90 or less.
  3. J

    Sirius Power Connections

    The first generation tuners had to be supplied 12v power. The newer ones don't.... they get it through the cable.
  4. J

    Fuse layout

    Where can I get a diagram of the fuses on my 2001 Explorer sport. I lost my manual some time ago.
  5. J

    2004 Sirius Satellite Ready Radio

    Sirius consists of 3 devices. Antenea = $40 Sirius Ready Headunit Sirius Tuner = Regular price of $150, sale price of like $50. Thats the whole shabang right there. I have had the service since April 2003.
  6. J

    Explorer Sport discontinued?

    Did Ford discontinue the Explorer Sport in the form of the sportrac? I have a 2001 Exp Sport and I can't find them on the Ford website anymore. Was it replaced with the XLT sport?
  7. J

    Poll: What's your fuel mileage?

    23+ MPG. 2 wheel drive OWNS....... mobil/shell/texaco/exxon. :)
  8. J

    Gas Milege thread

    Please post your gas milage. If you did any mods to your explorer that you are POSITIVE increased your Gas milage, post them. I did my last check yesterday and I got 23.5 MPG. 4X2 explorer, 4.0 SOHC.
  9. J

    2004 Sirius Satellite Ready Radio

    BTW...the tuner is not $300-400. You can sign up and get it for like $50 somewhere. I'm not sure what the current deal is, but its usually quite affordable. Give Sirius as call and ask a salesperson.
  10. J

    Gas Mileage

    I have a 2001 Sport 2wheel Drive. It gets 22 MPG no matter what speed I drive.
  11. J

    Sqeaks and rattles

    Do any of you have an issue with sqeaks and rattles in your explorer? I have an annoying sqeak behind the dask and I have no clue how to get it to stop. Any one else have a gripe?
  12. J

    4.0 SOHC supercharger?

    Is there a Supercharger kit available for the 4.0 SOHC?
  13. J

    Guy claims his V8 5.2 X gets 26-27mpg

    Stock X getting 26-27mpg stock... As we know, its 100% doubtfull.
  14. J

    Warped rotors

    Has anyone had a big problem with warped rotors? I have 68,000 miles on my explorer and I am going onto my 4th set. I live on a dirt road and I suspect thats the cause of it.
  15. J

    Gas Milage info

    After running exactly 1/2 tank of gas at 60mph I got 21.5 MPG. Not too bad I guess..... I wonder what I was getting at 85 MPH. I bet my K&N airfilter is helping too.... My car is rated for 22mpg at 55 miles per hour. I bet if I went 55 I could get 23mpg.
  16. J

    When to wash?

    Would Pam work if I sprayed it on my car daily? I live on a dirt road. :)
  17. J

    1600 Mile Road trip need Advice

    You better hope there is snow left by then. I do amature forecasting and I see 50+ temps for a few days on end this week and weekend. Unless they blow snow and allot of it....its going to be mud and grass. ON EDIT: The website for that place says they have 6 feet. They must have blown snow...
  18. J

    Gas Milage info

    On my door it says my Axle is (D4). Is this the 4.XX axle ratio? Is that good for gas milage?
  19. J

    Gas Milage info

    Hey I was wondering if anyone knows the gas milage difference speed makes overall. I am really sick of paying for gas lately and decided to drive slow in order to get the best gas milage. I used to drive 85 just about everywhere. I have a 2001 Explorer sport 2X4 with the good axle ratio (I dont...
  20. J

    Rattling Cam chain ---again

    So its possible to have the tensioners crap out twice. I got mine fixed in May and although the rattle sound is pretty much gone from 2500rpm-3000prm...I can still hear it a bit when the car is cold.
  21. J

    Thermometer on 2001 Sport

    Does anyone know where the overhead console thermometer records its temps from? Where is the sensor?
  22. J

    Going to the Rocky Mountains, what to do before hand?

    You will be fine. I drove my 2001 Explorer through there a couple years ago and it handled fine. I had 3 other people in the vehicle and lots of camping junk. It kind of bogged a bit at times, but it wasnt too bad. Camp by Estes Park, CO. I found a campsite at 9000 feet and there was snow in...
  23. J

    gettin old

    100,000 means nothing. If you take care of the vehicle, you should only be 50% through its life.
  24. J

    So I'm going to see Matrix Reloaded Wed. at 10

    THE MOVIE WAS AWESOME!!!!! Very complex story line, if you cant think deep you wont like it. The fight seens were the best in movie history PERIOD! Everything you thought about Matrix 1 is irrelevant now!
  25. J

    Tornado air intake device

    Make sure you are very up on getting your CC credited. I wouldnt doubt that they will just sit on there hands and not care about your money.