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    Lost forward gear 94´xlt

    A 4.0L Aerostar trans (up to 1994) should work, but the transfer case is different.
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    Front differential

    I used a tube of Nissan RTV on mine. I worked at the Nissan dealer at the time, and Nissans are a waste of RTV :p
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    Lost forward gear 94´xlt

    Might as well try that first since it can be done without removing the trans. I just consulted my A4LD Reference manual and the forward clutch is applied in 1, 2, D, and OD, but not reverse. If valvebody freshening doesn't help, you may be in for a rebuild. I had no reverse when hot, and no...
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    coolant not venting back into overflow tank

    Park with the front of the truck higher than the back (air bubbles will go up and out of the radiator cap) Fill the cooling system and once the radiator seems full, keep squeezing the upper radiator hose to burp the last of the air out. Turn the heater on high. With the engine running, you...