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    Loss of Power on Hills (NEED HELP!)

    This isn't just a little loss of power. On the hill home from work, I can take it at 70 in my toyota, 60 in my ex. I crawl up it at 35-45 now. No CEL. Fan sounds like it is working fine. No 4th gear in my tranny. TC kicks out and in just fine, but no 4th.
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    Loss of Power on Hills (NEED HELP!)

    The loss of power came before the temp. The temp is a new thing. Only has problems uphill. It does seem to get a bit worse when the rig is warmed up, though.
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    Loss of Power on Hills (NEED HELP!)

    So here is the deal: 91 Ex, 150,000 miles 4.0 Auto Burns 1/2 a quart of oil per 3000 miles, coolant levels are good, never change. Tranny fluid level good, plugs were fine 6 months ago. Heading up hill, I have a horrible loss of power. Even when I have my foot all the way in it, it...
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    fuel filter removal

    Push the line towards the filter, place the plastic tool over the filter and press it down until the lip on the plastic tool is flush with the fuel line. Pull on the filter and it should pop off. just replaced my second fuel filter in 2 years on this rig. getting a bit tired of crappy gas.
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    what engine oil to use

    Oil Choice I might be wary of putting a full synthetic in a rig with 180k on it. The sythetic is slick stuff and it can slip past the rings if you have too many miles on it. Was going through a quart every week and a half in my Dodge until I switched to a regular oil. Then I was down to a...
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    Death Shudder

    Check your lug bolts Check your lug bolts. I overtightened my lug nuts and pulled two of the bolts loose. Something to think about...
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    Poor acceleration, mileage, etc

    Update So... Plugs looked fine, MAF looks fine, although one of the two elements was a little bent. Tranny fluid levels are fine, filter changed about one year ago.
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    Rough idle, running rich.. ugh

    I am having the same type of problems, replaced Fuel Pressure Regulator, no change.
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    Poor acceleration, mileage, etc

    91 Explorer 4.0 Automatic 139,000 So here is the deal... I have poor mileage, the vehicle dies at a stoplight at least once a day, bad acceleration (hesitating, cutting out, etc), and, as of today, it backfires when I try to head uphill. It seems to run much better at higher speeds. I...