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    Mustang rims - yes? no? offset? spacer?

    I kinda have a thing for the Cobra R wheels, before the wife got them I had to have them. This is them on my Mark VIII. I had to convert the hubs to accept the mustang/explorer 5x4.5 pattern since mine was 5x4.25 and no one had those wheels in that pattern anymore Hers is next
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    Mustang rims - yes? no? offset? spacer?

    I'm gonna get a set of these for the wife exp
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    2005 Ford Explorer Limited True Dual Exhaust(Video)!!!

    my wife would kill me if i did that to her again. I did it to her navigator, duel 3 inch into flowmaster 50's (had 40's, sounded like a nascar) I'd like to mod the exhaust a bit, but I don't want to piss her off.:rolleyes: I can post pics if you guys wanna see how to get 3 inch around the...
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    Mark VIII 4.6 swap

    I have the a 98 mark 8 as well, just remember that engine is geared towards hp more than a truck, and you'd prob loose some tow capacity. The 98 cobra intake mod is a very popular swap, but its going to require egr tube rerouting. None of those intakes will fit on it afore mentioned though...
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    Supercharging Questions??

    The power and firing out plugs aren't related. My navigator blew a plug a few years back, and I just put a new plug in it and drove on. Then I added a powerdyne pushing 8psi and got to about 400fwhp. It blew that plug that i had just replaced with another out again, and I tapped and put in a...
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    My attempt at taking out swirls

    OK, you did a good thing with a little out of order. The wash first, but then you should follow with the clay. You want to do this to remove the contaminants priors to using a cutting compound like the scratch remover. Then, the scratch remover is really not necassary, however if you want to...
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    2004 mountaineer keyless touchpad code
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    Flowmaster+Brush guard on '95

    If thats all it takes to get banned, then the place wouldn't be worth being a member of. And, just to put my damn .02 in, I don't think it made sense for shi* either. The exhaust doesn't get in the way of the exhuast? Just make sure you get a flowmaster with correct inlet/outlets...
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    05 Aviator parking brake

    Its an 05 with a 50000 mile warranty. Take it back and complain:thumbsup:
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    seat belt alarm--how to disconnect??

    Find the pictures of the people who died wearing them, then get back to me. Also, for those of us who can magically navigate a vehicle better than the rest of you, we don't crash them:thumbsup: :D
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    Flowmaster 50 Series Muffler

    Only the ones where ignorance lays...... If the resonator is such an imperative part of said system, then why isn't it on every car? And how many cars made post 1974 will ever become classics, realistically? None, cause nobody wants those pieces of shi* that are hammered with...
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    Remote Starter ?'s

    Because they don't want to pay the premium for the system, or the install when its available so much cheaper maybe? And you're not defeating the system, you are activating it remotely via a key. The system cannot be defeated, bypassed, or otherwise gone around. Having a secondary key to...
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    Supercharged 02 Sport

    JTS Why such a big injector if you don't plan on running forced induction?
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    "TURDLE" or " How to mess up a perfectly good truck"

    You are one sick dude. That combo, given the allwheeldrive, should be pushing out IMO 400FWHP. I know I loose about 24% through the tranny, but I also outweigh you signifigantly so its hard to put a number down for RWHP. Finding an old BBK instacharger for a mustang that would fit those...
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    Supercharged 02 Sport

    OK boy genius, you know more than Ford does. Congradulations, maybe you should try for the CEO position since it changes hands every few years. Thats funny, my FMS part number matches exactly to the Ford part number for my 90mm MAF. But I guess the aftermarket guys just thought they'd fool...
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    '98 5.0 L, AWD Code 402

    Ebay has the perfect solution for this. Its called an EGR simulator. Works wonders, sending the computer an "alls well" signal and you can bypass the egr system completely:thumbsup:
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    Flowmaster 50 Series Muffler

    I run twin 50 series through 3 inch pipe and near 400FWHP, and at 80mph still converse quietly with my wife in the front seat.:salute:
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    200 amp altanetor

    Ebay. 200 amp for 5.4 sell sometimes for $199
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    95 Eddie OHV tune up

    Buy a case of beer, and while you're out pick up a haynes manual:thumbsup:
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    Why is the 97 SOHC a POS????

    Dude, my 05 doesn't idle worth a crap. Its not just yours. I have complained endlessly about it, and ford refuses to figure out why. The whole thing shakes when the idle drops down to 500 or so rpm, and whats worse is the damn climate control turns the compressor on whenever it wants.:thumbsup:
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    Flowmaster 50 Series Muffler

    Anyone who believes that the internal combustion engine should be muffled to no noise whatsoever is not a true car enthusiast. The motor should be allowed to breathe freely and be heard. Why do you think the products of detroit from the 50's and 60's cost so much right now?:thumbsup: Also...
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    Supercharged 02 Sport

    Junk I don't know about, but waste of money yes. They are way overpriced, as is grantelli's MAF system. There are only select injectors out there, and FMS makes a MAF for each rating. Stick with FMS, never have a problem JTS, what injector are you runnning?
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    Supercharged 02 Sport

    Just left ford, since I had to drop off the aviator for a service call. Parts says you're wrong. I agree with parts. Now, I do know that you can use any 19# calibrated maf with any 19# injected vehicle (ford to ford) For instance, a town car maf with work on an X. However, as I have stated...
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    Need help identifying a cooling part quick!! PLease help

    I don't have that X anymore, but I never had a problem. Remembering that it also ran R12 not 134 was a big difference as well. I never converted it I just bought R12 from local sources if I needed it. I wish I'd have never sold it. I mean, how many cars have you seen with a heater core...
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    Electric supercharger?

    Where is that BS flagpole icon? The damn superchargers that are real have like a 34000 rpm spool that are belt driven. In theory, the principle could work. But it wouldn't cost $150 or so bucks, it'd be on up near $1000 for one built to last longer than 30 miinutes:thumbdwn: And on a...