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    Installed Upgraded Transmission Mounts...what a difference!

    Definitely is an upgrade compared to stock. I notice the most NVH when I have my AC on, so if you haven't turned your AC on yet then I recommend doing so to get a feel of what the worst case scenario will be.
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    Strut Mounts

    I had about 94K miles on my Sport when I switched over to Bilstein and reused the factory mounts. They both were in good shape so I didn't see a point in buying new ones. You should be able to reuse your boot covers from your stock shocks/struts to transfer to the Bilstein. Shouldn't need any...
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    HOW-TO: X35Designs Phenolic Spacer Improvement..

    Did this spacer provide any sort of improvement?
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    2018 Exp. Front Hub/Axle Tinking/Ticking

    I'm going to tighten down my control arm to knuckle bolts and see if that's the issue. If not I already have a set of strut mounts i'm going to replace to see if that helps out with the noise.
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    Popping/grinding in steering when turning

    You are around 16 months of using this and notice no noise? I would be curious to see your results after this amount of time has passed and the wear level on your fix. I've been doing my best to try to isolate this popping noise I started having after a new K-member/control arm/inner tie rod...
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    STEEDA Sway Bar Installed!!

    Shouldn’t be flimsy and should have some firmness to it. Buy some Mevotechs with a zerk fitting so you can grease them when you do your sway bar bushing too.
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    2018 Explorer Speaker Install

    Was the voice coil seized or was the cone on it torn?
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    Say Hello to EcoHell..

    I was seeing about $100 shipped for the two. The small clip i'm speaking of is just the one that holds the trim piece in place under the rack railing mount. I have some VHB 3M tape that is more than capable of keeping the trim in place if I decide to reinstall the racks. I'm waiting for my...
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    Say Hello to EcoHell..

    Kind of expensive trim piece per side for what it is. May I ask what you ended up paying for the two? I may just reuse the stock pieces and trim the small clip off of it. I also may go look for a wreck PIU at a pick and pull to see what sort of pricing I could get.
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    Say Hello to EcoHell..

    Question for your EcoHell, do you have the part numbers for the trim pieces near the windshield? I temporarily have mine mated down with with 3M VHB adhesive after I painted them gloss black. I'm waiting for the molding to come in tuesday before I complete the rest of it. I also somehow snapped...
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    Replacing front bumper valance on a 2013 Explorer

    Can't say for sure since I wasn't the one who did the work. I just know my driver side was the problematic side no matter how many times I tried refitting it. I suppose you could start in the middle and work your way outward and see if it holds. If not try approaching it from one side only.
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    Windows stutter...

    That's why I was asking, seeing if someone discovered an actual fix and not a band aid.
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    Replacing front bumper valance on a 2013 Explorer

    Well I had some insurance work done to my Sport recently and before my wreck the driver side was having issues staying locked into the tabs. I get my Explorer fixed and the valance is still the original and now I don’t have any issues with it remaining locked into the tabs. Not sure what the...
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    Windows stutter...

    Has anyone come up with a solution to this other than wasting money outside of warranty for a temporary fix? I just have the stutter going down, assuming it’s the weight of the laminate glass being the culprit. Sometimes my passenger window won’t 1-touch automatically like it’s getting stuck on...
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    Custom Hood Scoops

    I have a Carbon Creations carbon fiber GT500 hood on my 2011 Mustang GT and it feels like it actually added weight. I didn't get a measure of weight between the two hoods so unless the weight was shifted more toward the front, it added weight. I will say it does allow much more airflow through...
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    PPE custom downpipes for the Explorer Sport

    They may not be too relevant but they definitely sell quality built pipes. I have their catless ceramic coated downpipes installed and while they were expensive ($1100) I'm glad I installed them. I went with the ceramic coating so I could mitigate some of the heat buildup issue around the...
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    2018 Exp. Front Hub/Axle Tinking/Ticking

    So I was involved in a low speed collision that made my Explorer hit a car shoved into my lane recently. Main damage was the K member cracking from the rear mounting point of the control arm. I've gotten everything fixed except a leaking axle and I have this tick just like you have. The noise...
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    5th Gen Explorer With LED Light Bar

    Can we talk about your hood for a few minutes? That looks very sharp and I'm curious where this was acquired at.
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    Loss of power

    I'm starting to think you have a turbo failing on you, especially since your mentioned white smoke under hard acceleration and you are missing your duct to cool the rear turbo and PTO. The wastegate maxing out very easily/quickly might be another indicator. Is there anyway you can monitor your...
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    Loss of power

    Have you checked your coolant levels recently?
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    Loss of power

    So your wastegate is maxed out? If so, that's probably why it isn't building any boost. Can you drive your vehicle while that scanner is plugged in?
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    Loss of power

    Yeah you are definitely missing the scoop that goes under there to redirect some airflow to the rear turbo and PTU. Not saying this is causing any of the issues but you may have turbo issues on the rear. If you own or purchase an OBDII reader, you should be able to see what kind of boost your...
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    Loss of power

    If you want to remote start with the hood open, you have to press and hold down the hood ajar switch. I wonder if you are having issues with your wastegate on one of your turbos. Do you still have the scoop that's under the passenger side under the valence? I test drove 1 Taurus SHO and 2...
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    Clunking noise from underneath

    I would say it's one of the following: strut mount not properly tightened down or is worn down, sway bar bushing, front control arm bushing or the sway bar end links.
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    Transmission problem

    You do realize you have the 6F50 transmission and not the 6F55? They only used the 6F55 on the 3.5 Ecoboost transverse applications, such as the SHO/MKS, Flex/MKT, Explorer Sport/Platinum.