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    Wiper delete mod and some other stuff.

    The wiper delete looks awesome. The rear wiper is a joke anyways. And there is a rear camera washer?? haha never knew!! I have the same Ford logos they look awesome. What exhaust doe you have?
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    Looking for 2020 Explorer ST 21" Wheel Specs

    Which Gorilla Lugs did you buy and where? They look great. 2020 Explorer ST is 14mm x1.5 and 1.62 or 1.40 height?
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    Blow Off Valve Turbo (BOV)

    I also went with the Boomba Spacer on my ST with a 93 octane tune PB Dyno and it works great. On my F150 ecoboost did the DIY version and removed recirc hose and capped with the Stage 3 Mod plug....all works good if you want that sound...or need that sound LOL
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    ST Aftermarket Exhaust Systems thread

    Check out @teamlethal on IG for Corsa sound clip
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    ST Aftermarket Exhaust Systems thread

    I have Stainless Works S-Tube on my 14 F150 Ecoboost and they sound great. I just asked them about my Explorer ST and they say they have no plans at this time. So looks Borla and Corsa for now....hmmmm
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    Explorer Grille Emblem Modifications

    They look great!!! So for the front....I see your wife wrists wow!!! How did she get it done ?? From the top or bottom? How is the logo connected in the back? By Clip or nut? Like you I am 6'5" and arms are not getting in there unless the whole grill comes off...Thanks
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    Explorer Grille Emblem Modifications

    Awesome brother they look did you do the front one?????
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    Explorer Grille Emblem Modifications

    Yes definitely different sizes. The 2020 logos are specific to that vehicle. Yes Matte black with Gloss black Ford The guys ebay was joe1966fairlane
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    Explorer Grille Emblem Modifications

    Hey Sean, Bought logos from a guy on ebay. They are original factory Ford logos that he paints. They are shipped in the ford plastic bags. They look awesome. To remove rear logo. Put blue painter's tape to cover paint from scrathes all around logo. Heat up logo with heat gun or I used a hair...
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    Performance products

    Ok cool same way I did in my 2014 F150....that worked fine for me. I will look into that on my ST Thanks...
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    Performance products

    Any one seen any fun parts yet? I found an awesome tune from Palm Beach Dyno, UPR catch can and and a few little accessory items... Looking and waiting for a Blow off valve and cold air intake!!!!
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    JLT Oil Separator - ST

    You can check with UPR Products, I had their catch can for my 2014 F150 Ecoboost and will buy their new one for my 2020 ST. located in Florida
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    2020 Explorer accessories/parts?

    I bought the same one on Amazon and mine is red. Same price too...maybe out of stock. The red looks great try to find it...
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    Explorer Grille Emblem Modifications

    Hey guys, I scrolled through looking before posting....sorry if I missed it!! Trying to remove front Ford logo on grill to replace with a Black out Ford logo. on the 2020 ST there is so much stuff upfront can't figure out how get to the backside of the grill. I released the top 4 bolts but only...
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    2020 ST Tuning

    Yes, bro check out Palm Beach Dyno, I just had mine tuned there yesterday they used an N Gauge tuner with a custom tune however you want 93 octane, octane boost, etc. They offer remote tuning or will send you equipment. Great guys. Fixed shift points in Sport mode and the...