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    Not a glowing report on the 2022 Ex.

    Bought a new 20. It turned into a lemon quickly. They could not fix it because “we’re waiting on the parts” for a year. For a damn motor mount! Meanwhile my motor is slamming the floor with every throttle torque for a year! Someone at quality control let motor mounts out that were not...
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    2020 FORSCAN Discussion

    i thought so too but I 100% heard a difference in normal mode in the 2020. Is there an official statement somewhere contradicting this? Since I had a 2020 that had the feng removed when I got right in a 2021 the normal mode definitly had a piped in sound in the cabin, and even more...
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    Forscan question

    Drivers. Be sure to go to the device site and get latest drivers. Also make sure windows firewall isn’t blocking. I’ve used FORScan in the past no problem but I had an issue connecting with a new vehicle yesterday and it was drivers. I have both the MX Bluetooth and wired version. Both...
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    2020 FORSCAN Discussion

    It won't take both settings being changed -You'll see you'll get a write error (I tried both). In the end, I disabled the one labeled "noise enhancement software" only and it removed the fake engine noise on my 2021 in all drive modes. I had a 2020 prior and had to do it in the As Built by...