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    Solved Lifts and Max tire sizes

    2nd gen Explorer: 4 inch body lift and 2 inch suspension (TT+Shackles) lift – 35x11.5x15 on 15x7 rim/ require fender trimming
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    PATS light flashing code 113 or 23

    I have the same problem. Somebody knows why?
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    Brake noise at Low speed

    Hi All, i had problem with brake noise at very low speed, pedal was with shaking resistance like braking during ABS actuation. Noise was produces by ABS hydraulic unit. First I changed Master brake cylinder, no improvement. Then I changed ABS hydraulic unit,, no improvement. Then I changed...
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    Need Stock Body Bolt Sizes/thread making custom lift

    Explorer 1997 very front end - 105 mm second, third, fourth row - 95 mm very rear end - 140 mm All are standard metric M12, bolt head 18 mm socket
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    1997 Explorer 4x4 - front axle not connected

    Just to close thread: Brown wire has usually 12V in some frequency, not continuously. Therefore regular digital multimeter is showing some average, not real values. Oscilloscope can show real values. BUT, real continuous 12V can be measured on brown wire, if 4Hi or 4Lo is selected, on snow or...
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    1997 Explorer 4x4 - front axle not connected

    Please what is (or suppose to be) the voltage on brown wire when switch is in Auto-4x4-4x4Low position? Solid state solenoid (Torque On Demand TOD Relay) has 4 wires connected. LightBlue is 12V hot at all times, Black is ground 0V, brown see above and the question is what suppose to be...