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    Center Console for Ford Explorer Police Interceptor

    Probably best you actually do your research.
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    Center Console for Ford Explorer Police Interceptor

    Or, I don't know. You could buy and add the correct console from any number of retailers instead of half ass-ing it.
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    WTB: 2016+ Police Interceptor Utility Console Cover Piece

    Looking to see if anyone has a 2016+ Police Interceptor Utility OEM police console. Often referred to as the "admin" or "detective" style console, or know where I could obtain one. Pictures and part number listed below for reverence. Thanks Also looking for this piece in the matching color...
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    Looking For Center Console "Top Panel"

    I'm looking to buy a top panel for the center console. In the color matching the picture below. If anyone has one they'd like to sell, or know where I can find one for a reasonable price, it'd be much appreciated. Thanks
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    2016 PIU Adding Fog Lamps

    I'm about to be adding non-LED fog light assemblies to my 2016 PIU that came from the factory without them. I know how to install them just fine, however I'm curious if there are any unforeseen steps to consider. Such as are the wiring pigtails still there? Is there any ForScan or dealer...
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    LED Backup Lights

    LED's can be an improvement, but as KayGee stated that isn't always the case. However I am a big supporter of LED's in general and I say definitely upgrade. However don't cheap out or you won't get the results you're hoping for.
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    Center Console for Ford Explorer Police Interceptor

    My solution for the time being. Until I can get a hold of the 16+ finisher panel of course.
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    Permanently Mounted Factory Tow Hook?

    My PIU was never part of an agency, it was like this from the factory to the best of my knowledge. Which is what has me confused as I've never seen this done before, nor have I seen a tow hook cover plate made the way this one is either. I agree the next step would be seeing what I can I to...
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    Permanently Mounted Factory Tow Hook?

    Is a permanently mounted factory tow hook an option on the 2016 PIU? I've looked for information on this for a while now and haven't found anything worthwhile to tell me one way or another. I ask this because my 2016 PIU had the factory tow hook mounted to the front since I got it from the...
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    2016 PIU FORScan Help?

    Honestly still trying to get a hang of the basics. A bit overwhelmed / unsure where to start when it comes to changing things to get results. Using the Windows version with ELM327 and MS CAN switch. Mostly looking to start out by disabling the "Police" rear hatch configuration to make it unlock...
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    Police Interceptor Utility Photo Thread

    My new PIU. Optioned with no police accessories, perfect. ;P Will have to get some better pictures in he near future.
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    2016 PIU New Member

    Just got my 2016 PIU a few weeks ago, switching from my previous "daily" 2013 Interceptor Sedan Unfortunately since I haven't really had it that long, no decent pictures. :U
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    Long shot, but would you by chance still have that 2015 center console laying around?

    Long shot, but would you by chance still have that 2015 center console laying around?