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    FlowMaster Exhaust

    i had 94 ex with the 4.0 in it and i felt like i wasted the money on the flowmaster it was that nice sounding.. if i did it over again i would just just a flowtech terminator for 70 bucks and throw it in there.
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    hello all

    Hey guys i havent heen on here in over 2 years but i figured i would check and see what was going on.. see a lotta new xploders keep up the good work. well i went from my 94 explorer with a 3" bl and 32 to a 98 ram 1500 with 5.5 lift and 35s and soon to have 8" of lift and 40s? maybe...
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    well ill give you an update lol i sold the xr350 and kept the 500... but i ride a 99yz250 now and shes very very nice
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    New Toy

    that is tru or the direct line straight down is the other best way for drags.. even the fastest street cars are not the normal shift
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    Body lift Qs

    i dont see how changing the center of gravity in any then stock can be safe?
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    Sony explode amps ?

    I know a few people that run MTX amps they seem to do the trick at a decent price
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    Sony explode amps ?

    as a personal opinion i do not like any of the song xplode items. I personally like Fosgate, DEI, USA amp, and kenwoods. Whats the amp powering?
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    Body lift Qs

    i got a 3Bl on my x dont do any serious offroading by no means and the gap filling is no hassle at all just go to the yard and find a truck with a rubber bed mat and cut and rivit it in place. I have no complaints with the BL expect the damn bumper brackets :fire:
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    want info

    I dont know the answer to your question, but i would suggest going to a bigger tire size i had a 3BL with 31's and it looking kinda funny with the big gap..
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    Quick Question

    yea i figured it would be a problem.. i knew the gears were always gonna be a problem with the tires, but i figured since i dont use the 32s in the winter it gets a little break lol. whats the best way to change the gears.. just find an X in the yard and just swap'em or buy new gears and so forth?
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    Quick Question

    This summer i plan on use my X to tow 2 dirtbikes a fairly long distance.. i was wondering how much more of a strain is gonna be put on the tranny.. i have 32s and 3.27 gears?
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    new cd player

    did you hard wire it?
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    i guess ill save the money from painting it and throw a little more lift and 33's lol...
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    yea just figured i would change it up.. but i guess i could use the money else where ;)
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    keep the same..... OR change..... still dont know what i wanna do...want some feedback
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    So the diablo chip would be the way to go?
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    I know this has prolly been asked before, but which chip is the best one to get. i will be Getting one in a few weeks and i just dont know which i should get. Anyones opinions?
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    Amp locations

    i have to amps just screwed down to the back seats. and have the cargo cover covering both the subs and amp. if you want pictures lemme know. i was gonna put them under but i was worried about them over heating and then and with mounting them in the doors i would be worried about something...
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    left w/just an amp, ???? for sub

    could go with either one the 12s will have a deeper bass sometimes drowning out the highs if you dont have good highs. the JL10s are always a good pick up and will hit very good. AS for the box a ported box, i believe should be used. i always did hactbacks ported, trunk sealed I hope that helps
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    thanks for the information. i just never replaced one on an X. guess it will be a while project :rolleyes: Thanks PAt
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    I have a Question on how hard it is to replace the evaporator core. and what is required to be removed to do this. Thanks Pat
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    another video I know its a jeep but its still pretty amazing
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    Good video I dont know if it was posted before, but its very good with some good points.
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    Electronic question

    thats what i meant sorry.. yea when its in park it will not switch into 4low only 4 high..
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    Electronic question

    on my 94x the electronic four wheel drive i think there is something wrong. when i go and hit the button for 2low it will not engage but 4 high will engage. is there something wrong with the button you think or the entire system?