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    ECO mode - any difference?

    Just to be clear...all modes will reset to "Normal" after shutdown. Reselect from Normal to the mode of your choice, including ECO mode after each and every subsequent start.
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    Is a heated windshield available on the 2020+ explorers and if so what trim level?

    It was not listed under the Standard Equip title on my 2020XLT window sticker. But, it was listed under Optional Equip as part of my Cold Wx package.
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    Fuel door hard to open

    Pretty much have to apply pressure where you know the latch is located as the plastic door is rather flexible.
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    Rodents eating my wiring harness.

    I agree. That's why extermination of vermin is always ongoing. You, and I are seeing the benefits of those ongoing efforts.
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    Rodents eating my wiring harness.

    To all the naysayers of extermination. What kind of towns and cities do you live in where you let rats and other vermin run free? Great pains are taken to eradicate vermin in built up areas throughout the western world.
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    Leaked in China: 2023 Ford Explorer gets facelift and a redesigned interior

    Reminds me of a song by Lyle Lovett. Now I crept up from behind her She looked so fine to me But when I stepped around her man My eyes could plainly see She was ugly from the front She was ugly from the front She was...
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    2022 Explorer XLT Climate Controls

    Not only does my 2020 XLT show temp selection for either side on the HVAC controls and the screen, but also OAT on the gauge cluster and the center of the screen. Cool eh!
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    2022 Explorer XLT Climate Controls

    My 2020 XLT shows on the HVAC on both sides, and on the screen, both upper corners.
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    Timberline wheels on 2020 XLT

    That's a strange thing for the dealership to say. How do they account for the seasonal change of wheel assemblies? I lived in Ottawa for six years. There certainly was a need for aftermarket rims and tires for winter use.
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    Missing part - upper console trim

    Yup, albeit with the rubber tray in place. That's where my cellphone and wallet usually reside.
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    Liftgate randomly opens when doors are closed

    While reading this thread I had visions of Maxwell Smart's apartment in the late 60's show. The defensive "features" would be activated for almost no reason at all, generally to the dismay and horror of the occupants. Sorry. I know that's no help at all.
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    If you were to buy now, would you still buy what you bought? 6th Gen (2020+)

    Depends if it's all that's available. If it is...then yes. I'd buy it again. Good station wagon with zero problems. 20,000km.
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    2.3L oil filter location

    Yup. I stick with Ford's filters. Both of those manufacturers are top notch. If I'm forced to go to NAPA or CarQuest, I ask for Wix or Purolator made products.
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    Camping in Explorer

    Nice! I would've bought an Expedition too if I wasn't a poor pensioner on a fixed income . I'll just have to satisfy myself with my daily beater Explorer for now.
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    Missing part - upper console trim

    You're just missing the small rubber tray that fits in the space. It's a good place for a wallet and phone. There's nothing that hides that area other than that. No blanking plate to hide the space, if that's what you mean.
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    6th Gen 2020+ Photo Contest

    The Explorer in the picture is not a 2020.
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    Engine cover for 2021 Explorer 2.3L?

    Old 4cyl, inline 6cyl and V8 engines are good looking engines. Most modern engines are fairly ugly and don't show well. I keep my engine bonnets closed unless the engines actually need to be inspected, or serviced/maintained.
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    '21 No Longer Included Items or Missing?

    Yup! Bee's a 77. Runs extremely well. I rebuilt the engine with a somewhat higher lift cam, bearings, rings and such right in my garage. I installed a descent Weber DGAS Bandit carburetor, nice intake and older style exhaust manifold. The head had about 1/8" layer of coke/carbon built up in...
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    '21 No Longer Included Items or Missing?

    This part.
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    '21 No Longer Included Items or Missing?

    Uhm...ended up putting some of the pics in multiple times. A computer guru I'm not. You'll readily see how soft the rubber foam is by how easy it is to pinch and deform. Pretty thick chunk of preformed foam.
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    '21 No Longer Included Items or Missing?

    It provides none of those things you mentioned. You'd have to see it installed to understand how useless it really is. Selling and shipping would be more bother than it's'll hang unto it for the day she gets sold. Apparently it'll add "feature rich value" in someone's...
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    Advantages of using an oil catch can! Here's the proof.

    The 3.7 and 5.0 litre engines in the 2011 Mustangs are not GDI and therefore don't suffer from oil coking up on the back side of the intake valves as the GDI 2.3 litre in my XLT may suffer.