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  1. J

    Am I wrong here? Please read and give me your opinion.

    hey yob... Dont question me. How do you know what the truth is. I wouldnt have sold that part as i did IF i knew it was broken. What the hell gives you the right to call me a liar. I am offering a compromise and if that doesnt suit you or anyone else, i really could care less. You werent...
  2. J

    Am I wrong here? Please read and give me your opinion.

    Can you please stop telling me to do the right thing like your my father. you say age has nothing to do with this, yet you've brought up me being 22 and immature several times. Dont mention the wishing someone a happy birthday and other bs. I really did feel bad about this whole transaction...
  3. J

    Am I wrong here? Please read and give me your opinion.

    Im sorry that i missed this thread. Studying for finals didnt exactly allow me to read every thread on the forum. well anyways.. here is my side of the story on EX http://www.##############/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=29174#29174 fill in the ### wtih explorer.(com i dont know...
  4. J

    Zinik Z1 Shoguns wrapped in Falken 275/45/20s

    man.. i was looking at those rims for so long. cant wait to see them on your truck.
  5. J


    thanks guys. you guys sent payment quick and was great doing business with you.
  6. J

    i want gauges!

    Buy mine :
  7. J

    New shocks
  8. J

    Buying newer explorer, need advice

    going out to LA for grad school. Looking to buy a 03 or 04 gt or mach 1 mustang.
  9. J

    Info on dealerships in CA area

    i believe alot of the cars in ny have the california emissions package at no charge. ill have to make sure it has it. i know all the mustangs i have seen so far have the california emission package. thanks for the info though. i think ny is just as strict as ca anyways.
  10. J

    Buying newer explorer, need advice

    i have an awd v8 for sale. check out
  11. J

    the box is complete!!!!!!

    looks awesome man, but what is a vg2?
  12. J

    Info on dealerships in CA area

    id liek to go on a cross country trip, and i am even considering taking my truck out there, go for the drive, then sell the truck there or trade it in. i only have 38000 miles now, and ill only have 42000 or so if i drive it out there. and for a january 2000 vehicle, 42k isnt too bad. anyone...
  13. J

    Info on dealerships in CA area

    I plan on selling my truck within the next few months, and then moving out to LA for grad school. I want to get a 03 or 04 gt or mach 1. i know rick and jdraper bought the mach 1s. i was wondering if anyone in the CA area have noticed the dark grey mach 1 or gt on dealership lots. Im trying...
  14. J

    Aftermarket Shocks?

    i have a set of bilstein shocks for the rear for sale. if you want better handling, these are definately a good choice. pm if your interested
  15. J

    what kind of sports car

    i think the corvette has more than enough room for u. with the seat all the way back, i couldnt press in the clutch to shift. and im 6'2
  16. J

    how hard is it really to make a rollpan?

    that camera is a great idea. cant wait to see it painted.
  17. J

    What Subs and Amp(s) to get

    id sell u my 3 audiobahn alum 10s in a sealed box, with a 2400 watt amp, and 2 caps . pm me if ur interested
  18. J

    220 amp Iraggi Alternator, What do we know about them?

    the 220 amp alternator has an idle of 140, and the 240 amp alternator has a 120 idle. supposed to be great, but not sure. lot of competition audio guys use it i think.where did you find it and for how much did u fin dit for if you don tmind me asking?
  19. J

    Dual Exhaust on a '96 XLT 5.0

    check out x24. i have done it and its possible. if you want a true dual, you have to either ditch the heat shield or your spare. i just did a single dual in dual out, with piping to each side of the truck wiht it exiting just under the bumper. check out my cardomain site for pics.. good luck
  20. J

    Thought you guys might like to see this

    how did you do this? is it just lexan? with the explorer cut out? what lighting? etc.
  21. J

    what model is the 98 Mountaineer 5.0

    what are you looking to swap? they are pretty much the same.
  22. J

    What is needed to swap 99+ bumper/fascia on 98?

    hey 98, give torrie an email and get back to me asap if you want the grill. im going home wed, and will return prob the weekend sometime. so ill have to know by thurs or fri the latest if you want it so i can bring it. otherwise shipping is quite expensive because the box for the grill is...
  23. J

    where to buy body parts?? or even ebay.
  24. J

    What is needed to swap 99+ bumper/fascia on 98?

    i meant torrie from
  25. J

    What is needed to swap 99+ bumper/fascia on 98?

    just the bumper cover, and the reinforcements. give torrie a call for the reinforcements, and keep in mind i have the bumper cover still at my house. if you want it, i can meet you somewhere next weekend when i go home.