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    Door Lock Issues

    Add me to the list here. I guess I should consider myself lucky that my driver's door is the one out of the four that actually works. None of the other three doors will lock or unlock with the fob or the buttons inside the car, they must be locked or unlocked manually. I'm not even going to...
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    2013 Limited Headlights

    I just did this myself. I recently had a headlight bulb burn out and decided to replace them both with the 9011 bulbs. It took a grand total of about 15 minutes to swap the bulbs, and that includes the time spend trimming the top tab. The 9011 bulbs are quite a bit brighter than the stock...
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    12v Power Points Not Working

    I bought the car used with somewhere around 45k miles. I assume they worked at some point but since I'm not the original owner I have no idea how long it has been since they worked, so I can't really answer most of your questions. I didn't discover they weren't working until a couple weeks...
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    12v Power Points Not Working

    No, I never did figure it out. I decided to just live with it since the 110 outlet works fine and I can use that for any charging needs.
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    3.5L Ecoboost Owners - What MPG are you getting?

    2013 Sport here. I purchased it used, but since I've owned it I have driven 35,833.7 miles and have averaged 17.17 mpg. I keep track of my fuel mileage and expenses manually using an app called Fuel Buddy.
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    2013 Explorer Power Point / Cigarette Lighter Power Issue

    Following this to see if you find a resolution. I bought my 2013 used and none of the 4 charging ports have ever worked on mine. I posted a thread about it around a year and a half ago and tried everything suggested but never could figure it out. All other electronics work fine, including USB...
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    Explorer Dead Pedal / Left foot rest.

    I'm 6'1" and about a size 11 shoe. The only thing I find mildly annoying about the foot well is on the left side where the dead pedal is located. I wish it was a little deeper so I could stretch my left leg out farther. Really only an issue on longer drives. Heck, even my wife's Mustang has...
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    12v Power Points Not Working

    Correct. The reason I haven't done that is because I do not own a multimeter. I'll talk to some friends and see if I can get my hands on one.
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    12v Power Points Not Working

    Yes, I've been testing with 2 different adapter plugs, both of which work in my other vehicle. I just went and swapped fuses again. I didn't replace them all with 4 new ones, I took the one from the moonroof slot since I know it's good and swapped all 4 one by one. No dice. At this point I'm...
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    12v Power Points Not Working

    Yes, I've been testing with 2 different phone charger adapters and they both work in my wife's Mustang. I'll try swapping out all 4 fuses tonight and see what happens.
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    12v Power Points Not Working

    Interesting. So do you think it could still be one of the 4 fuses for the individual power points? The only 2 I tested with a known working fuse were #9 and #20. I suppose I could pull #21 and #27 one at a time and see if one of those is the culprit. They both looked fine, but I guess one of...
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    12v Power Points Not Working

    Yeah, it's looking like an issue I'm going to have to take to someone else to try and fix.
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    12v Power Points Not Working

    I did not check fuse 91, so I went out to the garage to look at it. Mind you, I bought the car used, but there was no fuse at all where 91 should be. I'm thinking great, this will fix my problem. Ran down the street to Autozone and bought a couple 10A fuses, put one in there...still nothing...
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    12v Power Points Not Working

    Yes, it's the same adapter but I've verified the adapter works in our other car.
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    12v Power Points Not Working

    As the title says, all 4 of my 12v power point/outlets are not working. The fuses are fine. I even swapped the 20A fuse from the moonroof with one of the power point fuses and the moonroof still works and the power point doesn't. I find it odd that all 4 of them aren't working. All other...
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    FM Switches to BlueTooth Upon Start-Up

    Yes, I've been having the exact same issue. It's difficult to reproduce as it seemingly happens randomly. I have yet to figure it out so I hope someone else has and can chime in with a fix.
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    Looking at a used 2013 Sport

    Thank you! Yes, I have already got them to come down off the listed price. I won't be paying what they're asking if I decide to purchase.
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    Anyone install a black grille on a white Limited?

    It's all a matter of opinion, but I think the black grill looks great. Love the contrast with the white paint. I love black interiors, too. Especially with 3 young kids at home. They tend to be a little messy and the black interior holds up much better, at least for my use.
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    Looking at a used 2013 Sport

    Hey guys, I'm hoping you can offer me some opinions. We currently own a 2013 Limited and have really enjoyed it. We bought it used and it has been trouble free for the 25k miles we've owned it. It does have the shift to park issue but I consider that a minor problem. Anyway, we're looking at...
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    Google Maps or Waze Directions on bluetooth

    I'm not 100% sure about the iOS version of Google Maps, but I'm guessing it's similar to the Android version. In the Android version go to Settings->Navigation Settings and there's a check box for Play voice over Bluetooth.
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    Change the order of left hand menus

    I know how you feel and I would love to be able to do this, too. I only use FM, Sirius, and Bluetooth and wish I could make those the top 3 in the menu.
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    MFT SYNC 3.8 SIRI Eyes Free - Avail. on SYNCMYRIDE.COM for 2011-2015 Explorer

    I agree. I just updated mine this morning and it does seem quicker.
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    2014 Ford Explorer bucket seats to bench seats

    OK, thanks. I guess I should have been a little more clear in my first post about my limited searching. I was actually referring to trying to find a 2nd bucket for sale somewhere online, be it Craigslist, eBay, etc. I appreciate the links, though.