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    Info Needed: 16 pin connector for 5R55E

    Thanks for the reply, I was afraid of this. So, unlike all other "connectors" that appear to be sold out there (at Rockauto, etc), this is the only one where you can't just buy a repair plug for? The issue I have is that in this climate everything rots quite fast, so if I buy a plug/wiring from...
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    Info Needed: 16 pin connector for 5R55E

    Hello fellow classic Explorer enthusiasts, My 1999 daily driver Ex has been behaving so good in the last few years that I haven't been around these forums much. I've had the transmission rebuilt just over 2 years ago at a cost of $3000... which is more than the market value of the truck and...
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    ford explorer gen ?????????

    1991-1994 Gen. 1 1995-2001 Gen 2 2002-2005 Gen 3 2006-2010 Gen 4 2011-2017 Gen 5 2018 ? As far as many enthusiasts are concerned, the Explorer died in 2010... so there are only 4 generations in reality. The 2011 onward models are glorified minivans that only borrow the Explorer name, as was...
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    Changed Heater Control Resistor Same Prob still

    Had the same problem, did the same thing (changed resistor) and the culprit finally turned out to be the switch in the dash. When I pulled it out, it had a microscopic tear in the metal that connects the various positions of the blower. I initially soldered it and it worked for a few weeks, then...
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    Hi everyone, New Forum member here...1997 questions

    The 4.0L SOHC does indeed have problems with tensioners for its' timing chains (front & back). According to info I've read on these, it is important to replace the hydraulic tensioners every 100,000 miles or so (front & back). I've done mine years ago and could actually hear the difference...
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    I'm dying here! 01 Explorer is killing me.

    My idle got a lot better when I changed the fuel filter the first time at approx. 80,000 miles. The truck used to idle at close to 900-1000 RPM while just stopped at a red light, plus it sounded like the engine was struggling. A new fuel filter fixed it right up; when I removed the old one...
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    5R55E Transmission Fluid Temperature (TFT) Sensor -- Ford Part Number?

    Update: There's been no more incidents with the O/D OFF light flashing for over 2 weeks now and no apparent tranny problems are present. I did change the battery in the truck lately though, as the previous one died on me and wouldn't charge. When I disconnected the terminals, I found out that...
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    Solved Why change fuel filter?

    I don't understand what the pliers tool can do that the small round plastic 5/16 line disconnect tool can't (note: the previously suggested 3/8 plastic tool is too BIG, so don't use that one!). I just changed my fuel filter 10 minutes ago on my '99 XLT for the second time since I've owned it and...
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    engine stalls after driving for a while then..

    I used to have an '89 Chrysler New Yorker that did that, albeit it did not smell like gasoline as far as I can recall. Turned out that the fuel pump wires had a short somewhere at the pump connector and wiggling the connector would usually start the car... until one day it died completely and...
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    1997 explorer almost stalls until it warms up

    My V6 SOHC did that a long while ago, especially on humid days. Sometimes the truck would die and other times it would suddenly accelerate when my foot was off the gas pedal and cruising at low speeds... once almost causing a collision with a cop car that was fueling up at a gas station, lol...
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    Fixing the blower switch / resistor in a '99 Ford Explorer

    Ever since I've had my '99 Explorer (for over 10 years now, as I bought it when it was fairly new), the blower setting #2 would never work at all. Essentially, I would have settings 1,1,3 and 4 (setting 2 would behave like setting 1, hence the 1,1) -- and I'm referring to the tiny dots on the...
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    5R55E Transmission Fluid Temperature (TFT) Sensor -- Ford Part Number?

    Hello, My O/D OFF light started flashing intermittently on my 5R55E about a month ago. The tranny has been completely rebuilt by a trans shop about 4 years ago (for over $4000) and has had little mileage since. It shifts perfectly whether or not the O/D OFF light is flashing, the fluid level is...
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    One thing after another (rant)

    The high idle can sometimes be cured with a simple fuel filter change... that's what happened in my case. My idle was over 1000 rpm in park and, after a fuel filter change, it dropped to about 600. The old filter was one filthy *****, let me tell you! (black goo pouring out of it upon removal)...
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    One thing after another (rant)

    Lol... too funny. Did any of you guys actually rustproof your Explorers? I've rustproofed my '99 XLT every fall and the body on it looks like new. The undercarriage looks like a three year old truck too, as it has exceptionally little rust on it. Every time I put this thing on a lift at a garage...
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    97 Explorer SOHC V6 transmission problem.

    My V6 SOHC (1999) with a recently rebuilt transmission often dies when I pop it into reverse right after a cold start. It gets much worse in the winter, sometimes it dies when I pop it into drive following a cold start. Turning the steering wheel after a cold start sometimes also causes the...
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    Rebuilt transmission slipping when cold?

    Hi there, I have a 1999 Explorer with a 5 speed automatic coupled to the 4.0 SOHC that's been rebuild approx. 3 years ago (trans has less that 15,000 miles since the rebuild, with moderate driving & no off-roading whatsoever). Ever since the rebuild, I noticed that the trans would have...
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    5.0L in a '99 explorer

    Put an electric conversion kit in it... :D
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    Explorer Turn Signal Problem - PLEASE HELP.

    Well, we'll see... so far, it's working ok. I really don't move my steering wheel up and down so much, since I'm 99.9% of the time the only driver. Anyway, it does not move often enough to fatigue & break off any wires - but if so, then Ford has a serious quality-control problem with its' wires...
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    Explorer Turn Signal Problem - PLEASE HELP.

    Thanks! Upon conducting another inspection, I decided to put the steering wheel back in it's original/my driving position (pretty much all the way up)... and what do you know... the freakin turn signals/hazards are working once again, as if nothing ever happened. The plug must've slipped back in...
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    Explorer Turn Signal Problem - PLEASE HELP.

    By the way, this is the multifunction switch we're talking about, right? Thanks...
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    Explorer Turn Signal Problem - PLEASE HELP.

    Got the same problem Hey guys, I seem to have the same problem on my truck since today... I lowered the steering column today (for my mother who needed to use the truck, as hers had a flat) and the turn signals + hazards stopped working altogether. No flashing, no light, nothing... The bulbs...
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    Hydrobooster (run your Ex on water) - your opinions please!

    Yeah, so do I.. that's why the 'unique description' reserved for those individuals. My inquiry is not aimed at receiving replies consisting of urban legends such as "a friend of a friend of someone I knew in high-school did this on his 67 Camaro and [...]". A reply like that has the same...
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    Hydrobooster (run your Ex on water) - your opinions please!

    Hey all, In the recent past, I have heard many things about this new "hydrobooster" idea that's supposed to save you big $ on gas (hey, I'll take anything I can get at this point, since I'm tired of getting raped by Saudi Arabia with their gas prices!). I've even seen commercials of this on...
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    New Bronco Concept

    Damn it! Another "crossunder"! Damn it!!! I drive an Escape at work (company car) and hate that FWD piece of unibody crap. And when other coworkers call these "trucks", I can never resist straightening them out by pointing to my Explorer which is sitting in the parking lot and saying "No...
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    New Bronco Concept

    Found this on the net by accident... Seems kind of cool, lol! No further info on it unfortunately.... I really hope it ain't another one of them soccer-mom cruisers (cheap FWD unibody crossover crap! One Escape is enough for those grocery runs!) ;)