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    Oil separator, catch can, whatever you want to call it

    The 4.0 SOHC seems to have a hyperactive PCV system. I had the pipes apart while doing a Seafoam treatment and noticed it sucks quite a lot of air compared to some other vehicles. Also when I had the manifold off to deal with the %!#$%$ noisy timing chains, it left a big puddle of nasty oil...
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    4.0 stalling on deceleration

    My 2001 4.0 Ranger stalls occasionally. Specifically when the clutch is pushed in and the truck is decelerating, like for a red light. It can be restarted immediately. It happens smoothly so the lack of power steering is usually the first indicator... no roughness or funny sounds when it stops...
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    Whose SOHC still does the timing chain startup rattle?

    Yeah, 00M12 doen't touch any of that. But I did. Too many pics of broken guides and stuff going around to leave the factory parts in there.
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    Whose SOHC still does the timing chain startup rattle?

    I determined the 00M12 kit was installed when I took out the oil gallery plug and found the plastic oil restrictor thing already in there. The 'extended head' tensioner was also already there. As for the rest of the parts, everything is new. Left/right cassettes and hydraulic tensioners as...
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    Whose SOHC still does the timing chain startup rattle?

    I recently replaced all the timing chain parts on my '01 Ranger, including the 00M12 kit for the front hydraulic tensioner. It wasn't doing the death rattle yet, just the noise at startup. Well I discovered that the 00M12 kit was installed before I bought the truck, but I put the new one in...
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    Another SOHC timing chain repair experience

    After seeing the many pics of timing chain guides and tensioners in various stages of destruction, I decided to replace all of the related parts on my '01 Ranger. Luckily I happened to have the trans out already to fix the slave cylinder. The only issue the truck had was the chains rattling...