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    off road in SE Mass.

    There's some nice trails in Union Ct. it's not posted or anything so I guess it's ok. Just went up there today there were some huge puddles i had to ford lol; it's not posted or anything so I guess it's ok. If you do a Google image search for "breakneck pond union ct" there's a trail map that...
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    Honda Debuts a 1/2 Ton pickup

    It's too bad Honda didnt make a real truck the FIRST time, like the Nissan Titan. What a piece.
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    New pics of my Heep

    Looks hardcore dude.
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    what do y'all know about credit?

    Get a credit card if you dont already have one. This will built your credit so you can buy a house or something when you get out of school. I just signed up for a Marriott Rewards Credit Card, which will be giving me 2 free stays at participating hotels.
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    Anyone heard of marada boats?

    I've been looking around for used boats, and I came across a pretty sweet looking boat called a Marada. I couldnt seem to find a official website for it. If anyone has anymore info that'd be great.
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    Wierd Curse...................

    That man is ill. Honestly. holy crap
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    I'm getting HORRIBLE gas mileage! Help me!

    I'm only getting 200 miles to the tank (v6). it sucks.
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    05 hits 12's

    That's hot.
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    Honda Debuts a 1/2 Ton pickup

    I doubt it will ever be used as a work truck.
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    Worst week ever

    i dont know if GM is still doing that 24 hour test drive, but get a caddilac or something the day before, and your good too go with a hot car...hey at least the girl is still going with you!
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    Fake VW add...Funny

    that's a messed up commercial. dude where's my car.
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    Want a new truck

    I noticed you were going to check out the xterras...i've driven one and i think they are a piece of shizzle! crap i tell you lol. my 2 cents, good lucking choosing.
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    '95 Explorer handle

    Mine is like this as well. A guy at work said i could borrow his door panel puller and see what's wrong. well it's been about 5 months, and i havent gotten around to it, no problems to report yet.
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    yeah we're getting 10"-15" tonight whoo hooo!!!
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    My first experience with a Chevy Colorado

    Fine work, looks like you may have a chance with her :D ...what's a swail?
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    O/D light flashing??

    I had this same problem but it was from running in 4low @ 15 mph for about 10 miles on the beach...the light flashed all the way home (from cape cod) and didnt shift into od. i just had a shop reset the computer, and the problem went away, and the tranny shifted perfectly, like it did before...
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    This SeaFoam stuff is AWESOME

    I apologize in advance for some many questions. but here goes, the SEAFOAM website says you can run it though the gas tank as well as where you pour the oil in. I havent seen any post where anyone has done this (using these methods), is the sole reason because it doesnt work the whole system...
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    This SeaFoam stuff is AWESOME

    sweet, just what i needed to know. sounds real easy, use the whole can?
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    This SeaFoam stuff is AWESOME

    thanks husky. also can someone post some pics of where the throttle body is and where i should be putting this stuff? and should i get the spray bottle if i'm doing it though the tb? thanks
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    This SeaFoam stuff is AWESOME

    i have a question. when your talking about the TB (throttle body) is it the same as the air intake? i plan to do this tomorrow hopefully, btw i'm getting 10 mpg!!! ahhh! :eek:
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    2 way alarm/remote starter install

    do a search...i heard somewhere on this thread that if you buy it directly from the shop that installs it, it's cheaper. maybe return the one you have, and buy the same one from a shop that will install it. just my 2cents.
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    Buy or Wait?

    Try BestBuy, after Christmas they have all items that were returned from Christmas at 50% off.
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    turn signal sorta....

    Thanks for the info, unfortunately i dont think that's the entire problem. the actual blinker arm is bad i clicks too many times, if that makes sense.