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    Grill Shell

    Seems that I'm no longer liking the look of my chrome colored grill shell. Can i sand and paint black over it or do i have to buy a colored one? And if so where would I get something like that?
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    anybody got a real solution?

    hey it seems like everybody talks about ideas that in theory would remove the yellowing from clearcorners, but does anybody actually have method that theyve used and it worked? My clear corners have become noticably yellow now and I'm looking to get them back to that nice clear crystal look :D...
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    SOHC Acceleration

    The 4.0 SOHC is a pretty amazing engine. Even with my 31's I can still dust almost anyone on the road.
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    Its been a while....few new mods

    Hey gang its been a while...I expierenced some major computer problems and havent had use of it until a few days ago. Anyway... I installed my billsteins all around. What can I say...the difference is simply amazing. No more rock or sway...its a nice, comfortable, stiff ride. I also...
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    My headlights are too bright?

    i have silverstars also and i too get people flashing me all the time. Ususally i just flash em back to show em that i do, in fact, have my low beams on. This usually leaves them in awe and wondering why they arent cool enough to have bright white lights like me :) i love the silverstars...
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    Throw me a frickin bone here

    its good to see that someone understands me Adam ;)
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    Throw me a frickin bone here

    Alright audio gurus, heres your chance to help out a guy who knows a good amount about cars, but very little about audio. I have around $1000 bucks to spend and I think Im gonna upgrade the stock system in my '97 ex. The question is...what do I get? I was thinking about going for dual 12's...
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    Show me yours and Ill show you mine

    Hey I know a ton of u guys out there have the 31x10.5 BFG setup with a 2" TT/S lift. Id really like to see some pics....cause im buyin my tires/rims in a few weeks and I wanna make sure this is something I wanna do b4 I shell out the cash. Thanks.
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    KKM Air intake or K&N air intake system

    my k&n doesnt wistle....but when i jump on the gas i can hear it suckin air likc crazy....all my friends think its soo cool. :) also, my exaust has set off 8 car alarms so far.....hehe ya gotta love that
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    KKM Air intake or K&N air intake system

    there have been tons of posts regarding the kkm and k&n. Search for either one of em and youll get tons of info. Good luck!
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    87 octane chip

    the next mod looks like its gonna be a chip. I was thinkin either the diablo or superchip. Now my only gripe is about fuel. Here in Cali fuel prices are nothing short of insane for even regular fuel and theres no way that im gonna pay nearly 2 bucks for a gallon of premium gas. So my question...
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    31X10.5 + Eagle 589's

    will 4" stick out at all?
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    31X10.5 + Eagle 589's

    I was wondering if anyone was using the 31x10.5 BFG All terrain T/As mounted on the 15x8 eagle 589? Will the tire stick out? Im mainly concerned about stuff flinging up and im not to happy about putting fender flares on if i dont have to. any help is appreciated. Also, anyone with this setup...
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    thats correct. the kkm isnt legal everywhere. i know its not legal here in cali. But ive also heard that the installation of the K&N is much easyer and straightforeward than the kkm. I can vouch for the k&n because i installed it.....and yes, it is quite simple.
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    98 SOHC Sport and a 75shot, what kinda 1/4 times?

    alec what times are splat runnin these days?
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    228 is a pretty good deal. performance products has it for 269. I think 228 is about the lowest your gonna get it. BTW... A lot of people seem to be debating what intakes to go with these days....what made u choose the FIPK?
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    no i havent. how would i go about doing that? and what would it tell me?
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    Lately I've been noticing a pretty significant drop in power (mainly in the low rpm range it seems) and a HUGE gain in gas mileage. I havent really changed my driving style or anything. Before I was gettin like 220 miles to a tank. Now im gettin like at least 270 easy. Whats goin on here?
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    Intake Comparisons ?'s

    is volant the one with the metal induction tube?
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    Hypertech Power Programer Update?

    are they even workin on one for ours? as far as i knew they only had one for the 5.0 and I didnt know they were even workin on one for us SOHVCers.
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    Intake Comparisons ?'s

    Many people on this site swear by the KKM. I dunno about the APC, it seems kinda sketch to me. Basically you have three options in intake upgrades...the KKM, the K&N FIPK, or even just drill your airbox. Many people here swear by the KKM and I'm sure its awesome. I use the K&N cause the KKM...
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    SilverStar + APC Install

    u want a pic of the bulb itself? or the turn signal lit up?
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    SilverStar + APC Install

    all i have to say is wow. The silverstars are incredible. Definetly worth the money. As for the APC 3157's..... Looks like these days "superwhite" means superblue. Not only do the bulbs make my turn signals look blue during day time......they light up blue at night. Complete crap. What do...
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    SilverStar + APC Install

    So i finally got myself up today and picked me up a pair of silverstars and the APC superwhite 3157 bulbs to match. Its still daytime and i can already see a HUGE difference in light color put out by the silverstars. People said I had a really white light from my stock bulbs so i was kinda...
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    Front Grille

    he right....the grille will probably show through unless you spray the stock grill black. Be sure to post some pics when ya get it done!