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    Anderson WDH hitch

    Is anyone using a Anderson WDH with explorer if so how do you like it does it distribute the weight.
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    Trailer Brake Controller Recommendation?

    Is it difficult to install brake controller in a 2013 explorer with tow package is it just plug and play if so where would be the wiring located. Dennis
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    2013 explorer tow package

    Peter how do you get the window sticker
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    2013 explorer tow package

    Yes Peter I have tow mode and cut out in 8
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    2013 explorer tow package

    Peter do you know why when I lookup vin why it doesn't say tow package but says engine oil cooler and has tow haul mode
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    2013 explorer tow package

    I looked up vin and it says class III hitch engine oil cooler heavy duty alt and 3.65 rear end it doesn't have to say tow package what about larger radiator
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    2013 explorer tow package

    How can you tell if I definitely have a tow package in my 2013 explorer it has a class 3 hitch. Can you tell from vin number? Thanks dennis