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    What did you do to your Ex/Mounty/RBV today?

    Check at Walgreens or just about any other store that has nail polish. You can either paint it black or find one that only has a tint to it so you can still see it when it's on
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    Wrigley_1285's Old No Name getting a body swap

    I remember seeing a post that had side by side comparisons of a ranger and explorer frame. I thought the front half of both frames were the same and only the rear frame section was different.
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    Wrigley_1285's Old No Name getting a body swap

    I've been on here for years and I've somehow never seen that before. If I can't find factory linkage for a good price I'm probably going to make my own. I might end up getting one for temporary use and to keep in the truck as a backup.
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    Wrigley_1285's Old No Name getting a body swap

    Thanks for the info. I measured my truck and the only way I can use an extended cab is with some major body work or going 4 link and moving my rear axle back atleast 4". Both of those options are going to take more time and money than what I'm willing to part with so I'm gonna use a standard...
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    Wrigley_1285's Old No Name getting a body swap

    I trying to plan a body swap on my Explorer Sport but I need some measurements. Can someone with a 98+ 4 door extended cab ranger measure from the center of the front wheel to the cab corner. And someone with a standard cab take the same measurement for me. I've had my X for 10 years and it's...
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    Why does everything in my garage rust

    It doesn't smell like bleach. It only smelled for a day or two after I used it. Do you have any recommendations for what type.of acid to use? I've though about doing an epoxy garage floor kit on it but I don't want to do it and it keeps rusting everything.
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    Why does everything in my garage rust

    I bough my house 3 years ago. The disgusting people that lived here before me would leave their dog locked in the garage 24/7. It would piss and shi* all over the floor and all they would do is just pick up the turds. When we moved in I tried a dozen chemicals on the concrete floor to try and...
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    explorer sport pics

    I know what you mean. I pulled my plastic bumper off and threw on the upper half of a 97 metal bumper
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    explorer sport pics

    I like it. It looks awesome.
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    explorer sport pics

    Is that a cut down factory bumper or is it off something else?
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    Show off your LIFTED 2nd GEN

    I'll second that. If I could go back and do it again I'd get a 5.0 with AWD probably a Eddie Bauer
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    What did you do to your Ex/Mounty/RBV today?

    I ran mine through a car wash....first time in probably 8 months or longer. But I needed to knock some dirt and a ton of rust off so I could put the hitch on that's been sitting in the garage for over 6 years:dunno:
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    HELP!!!! Sabotaged 97 explorer.

    well if you're not gonna call the cops I would suggest investing in some rock salt rounds to give him a little persuasion next time he tries messing with your truck also one other thing to worry about in your gas tank is bleach. i had a buddy do that to someone's car and it blew the original...
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    What did you do to your Ex/Mounty/RBV today?

    I was hanging fluorescent lights in my garage and the ex had a dead battery plus I had my old couch in the way and my trailer was in the driveway in front of the ex so instead of taking a hour to move everything to get a ladder I just used the ex as my ladder and then to relax
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    95 explorer on 35s Help!!!

    I've got 35's on mine without regearing. I did have to do a LOT of trimming on the front fenders.
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    explorer sport pics

    Here's a good thread about shackles If you're wanting a rack I would suggest googling "safari roof rack" and find a style you like. I have a Yakima I bought from another member and I've liked it. The only down side is that it's...
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    explorer sport pics

    I like these. Can I get some info? Maybe even some more pics?
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    What did you do to your Ex/Mounty/RBV today?

    This is what happens when you're laid-off, bored and find a bunch of random decals in the garage. I also got ahold of my tool box and chemical cabinet.
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    2nd gens with full console and BW1354m help.

    i think some guys have heated and bent the shift rod to get some clearance between the shifter and console
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    Anyone Have Tattoos?

    here's my thrid tatto, it's also my favorite and the beging of my leg piece first and here's my second from when i was still young and skinny lol
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    Who rides a buell

    update. i hate to say it but a couple months after my last post in feb of 2010 my wife had finally nagged me to death about selling the "crotch rocket" and getting a cruiser. i ended up selling my lightning for the same price i bought it for and went almost a year without a bike. that was a very...
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    Worst stuck pic thread

    went to lusters longhorn mud ranch saturday and found a new trail they just cut for opening weekend. unforunetly it was nothing but thick, deep and extremely sticky clay. it was so bad that when i got pulled out it ripped my front skid plate and bumper almost completely off and the rear bumper...
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    egr tube rusted out

    my egr tube rusted out and since i rarely drive the truck i was wanting to know if this quick fix would work and if there were any other opitons since the nut is rusted into my exhaust manifold. basically i was planning on just filling the hole in the exhaust manifold and the tube end that...
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    ABS Brakes

    i don't live in an area that has vehicles inspections so i don't know about passing them. but you can put your ABS on a switch. there's a write up some where on the forums. all i did was find the two wires going to my front drivers wheel, cut one of them and hooked it up to a switch on my dash...
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    How big can I go?

    just remember the search button is your friend. but here's some threads you can start going through