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    How do I shut off the A/C for good

    16 is about right for that truck. I get 17 with: 2.9, 2wd, extra cab, 5 speed, 230K miles.
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    interchangeable front body parts 93+?

    Can't say for sure but I believe that the front sheetmetal should interchange all the way up to I think 2006. The key is to look at he body lines that are present on the doors and the "B" pillars (section of cab just past the doors). For example, the Ranger first came out in 1983, then there...
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    '97 Ranger running hot at freeway speeds

    Don't overlook the radiator cap. If the rubber gromet is damaged or missing or if the spring is fatigued the system will not pressurize. Sounds like it is your radiator, but check the cap while your at it.
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    Help!! Won't turn over

    I'm not real familiar with '98's but mine ('91) has a "starter" solenoid on the fender wall that sends power to the starter. The starter itself also has a solenoid built into it that requires a small gauge signal wire to activate the soleniod when you turn the key. That's why when you try to...
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    Help!! Won't turn over

    Had the same problem on my gen 1 Navajo. Turned out that the starter signal wire was falling off the solenoid on the starter. I guess Ford switched to having two starter solenoids, one near the battery and one down on the starter. Every couple of weeks the wire would fall off of the starter...
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    91 Ranger- NEED Help

    Is your Ranger distributorless? If not, it could be the TFI module (grey plastic thingy that is held onto the dist by two screws ans the wiring harness plugs into it). If it is d-less then it could be the crank position sensor (sensor or the front of the motor by the harmonic balancer). Don't...
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    89 ranger starts but wont idle

    Did the dual-plug motor come out in '89? I thought that moter wasn't in the Ranger till later (like '95 and up). If somebody put that moter in then maybe they did something else that's causing the problem. I'd try looking at the mods they may have made.
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    swapping 302 blocks...

    Pretty sure there were only 2 different weights: 28.2 oz pre 1980, 50oz after that. All 260's + 289's were 28.2, all 351's were 50. Could be wrong, but that's what I've come to believe.
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    Jumping the Starter

    While you're at it, run a small sheet metal screw through the male/female blade connection on the starter soleniod (trigger wire as mentioned above). I had a strange problem with my '91 Navajo where erery couple of weeks it wouldn't start-not even try to turn over. Turned out to be that the...
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    4x4 lights on, but no 4x4

    Are you having any other electrical glitches? My '91 Navajo likes to corrode the pos battery post and then the volt gauge starts dancing around. My '89 Ranger did some strange things electrically that turned out to be a weak battery. Also check all the grounds to the battery and chassis. If...
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    A new Diary Coming in the Future

    Good news on the upcoming diary, I can't wait. I'm planning an AOD build w/4R70W 1st gear and AA output shaft to mate it to a D20 tfer case.
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    93 explorer starts, will not idle

    Something else to think about-how's your fuel pressure? My old '86 Ranger would occasionally buck and skip under acceleration and I tried replacing the fuel filter but to no avail. It only did it once in a while so I didn't worry too much about it. Then my fuel gauge started acting up so I...
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    No oil pressure upon start up

    How many miles on your rig? I had (still do, actually) an '86 Ranger with a 2.3 that had cronically low oil pressure but still ran okay. A friend of mine suggested changing the sending unit and I poo-pooed the idea. I finally did it just to shut him up and prove him wrong. When I had the old...
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    '91 Ex, intermittant low power, ignition retarded?-thoughts on HP boosting chips

    No offense taken. Any suggestion is appreciated, especially those I've been quick to dismiss. When it feels low on power the engine isn't reving high like a slipping tranny. Also, when I got the rig I had to do a mini restoration job as it was neglected pretty bad. I had to basically redo...
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    '91 Ex, intermittant low power, ignition retarded?-thoughts on HP boosting chips

    Checked the tranny for what? It's an auto and it seems fine. When I got it I changed the filter and purged all the fluid out of the system and it has worked fine since. I do have 3.55's in it with 30.5 inch tires so I know it's not going to be a neck-snapper, even on its best day. But it...
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    how badly did I break it?

    Brian-the end of the axles have to modified for manual hubs? I threw a set on mine and they work fine. DeRocha-the manual hubs DO require you to back up to disengage-at least sometimes. I was playing with mine while I still had my truck on jack stands and found that the front wheels would...
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    Burning Water, Thick white smoke

    Did you fix the fan clutch problem? My '91 has a new clutch hub that is pretty tight so the fan howls like crazy for the first couple of minutes of driving then quites down.
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    Air in slave cylinder? 01/05/05

    Take it somewhere else.
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    Please HELP!

    Sounds like it's either the radius arm bushing or ball joints, or both. Either way, if the wheel bearings scared you off then there is no way you'll be able to tackle the ball joints. Jack up the suspect wheel and do what engera suggested. Then have someone step on the brake while you try...
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    '91 Ex, intermittant low power, ignition retarded?-thoughts on HP boosting chips

    Any other thoughts? I'm going to pull codes this weekend so hopefully I'll find an "untied shoelace".
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    still more 4x4 pushbutton troubles

    stlc-sounds like your hubs are shot. If the 4wd light comes on then the transfer case is shifting okay. The 4wd light will only come on if the shift motor has rotated the selector into the 4wd position. I suppose the shaft could be broken or the tranfer case is otherwise broken but that is...
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    Need Quick 4x4 help!!!

    Also, just because it says it's in 4wd, doesn't mean the front hubs have locked in. Get under your rig and turn the front driveshaft by hand. You should only be able to turn it about half a turn or so before the hubs lock. If they (or even just one of them) don't lock then that is your...
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    '91 Ex, intermittant low power, ignition retarded?-thoughts on HP boosting chips

    Okay guys, here's the deal. I rescently bought a '91 Navajo that needed cyl heads (and radiator, heater core, starter, battery, altinator, etc.). After doing all this work, it generally runs great. I say generally because sometimes it feels like it's down on power, like it's dragging an...
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    REALLY need help with Seafoam on my 2000 5.0 V8

    Okay, I'm at a loss. What is Seafoam?
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    Loud engine tick.

    Yeah, just replace the rocker arms and pushrods. I found a guy on Ebay that redoes the rocker arm assemblies and sells new pushrods with them for about $150.00 shipped.