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    How to: Diagnosing DPFE Sensor (P0401 and P0402) with Scan Tool

    Checking Voltage on my Plastic DPFE? On the left, I have the three prongs. From where to where am I supposed to check Voltage, using an Amprobe Volt meter? Is the ign. switch to be on? Also, Is there a way to convert from the one on the fire wall to the smaller one, via changing the...
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    Hello Everyone

    Thanx for the warm welcome... :thumbsup: :salute: Allcruisen
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    How to: Overhead console display fix - 2nd Gen

    Thallarsen, I was looking at mine {a '95 Bronco Eddie Bauer} And it all looks the same, the only difference is mine has two 512 resistors. Could this be the problem? I had to use the magnifying glass to see the number... Any help would be greatly appreciated, Allcruisen...
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    i need some info on a '97 temp sensor

    Where are you? I believe I have one that I am not using... Just pay shipping, if that... If not you can use one off an '95, '96 FSBronco... That one is in front of the radiator support towards the bottom. Has two wires going too it... Allcruisen
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    FSB Owner

    :D Glad that Too hear that... Its not watt you Ride, Its the fun of Ridin it! Oh yeah, Welcome Nikon, from one Newbie to Another... :cool: Allcruisen
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi all, I came across this site while looking for a fix for my Overhead console on my '95 Bronco... Which I am still trying to find... Saw an Ebay ad for a diagram of how to fix this for twenty bux... :thumbdwn: If I had the information, I would like to share it with others... I am and...