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    2016 Ford Explorer Brakes and Rotors Life?

    I recently had my rear brakes and rotors replaced on a 2016 Ford Explorer with 28,000 miles on it. The dealer stated that the rear pads were wearing unevenly, and even showed me the pads. They were indeed unevenly worn. But they simply told me that "This happens sometimes." A few questions...
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    Daylight savings and GPS sync

    Daylight savings time? Have a 2016 explorer xlt with mft. When we switched to daylight savings time this past weekend the car didn't switch automatically. I can't find a settin for it anywhere. Am I missing something or is this 45000 computer unable to check a date? When I reset to gps time...
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    TPMS Issue - 2016 Explorer

    I have a brand new 2016 explorer xlt. On my tpms, one of the tires (right rear in this case) consistently reads 4 to 5 pounds higher then the other three tires, which a show the same value. I've manually checked the tire pressure and all four are the same. Have had the car into the dealer...
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    Center Console access

    I've got a 2016 Explorer XLT that I have DVD headrests being installed in. The FM Modulator for the headrests has an auxiliary input on it that the installer will "leave hanging by the driver's seat." I'd like to get this cable into the center console to give it a better fit and finish...
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    What is everyone paying for their 16 Explorer's? I just put a deposit down.

    Try using internet pricing. When I started my searching, I built out my "desired end state" on the Ford website, then let them send it to the area dealers. A couple dealers sent me "internet pricing." For example, one that was "close" but not "exact" had an MSRP of $44,175. They offered me...
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    New member - buying my first Ford

    I've been through several different manufacturer's - Chevy, Toyota, Honda and in the very near future a Ford Explorer. Currently own a 2013 Honda Pilot and signed an agreement for a 2016 Ford Explorer XLT. Found this forum when looking for ways to track the vehicle. Looking forward to...