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    Transmissive fluid is leaking out of a transmission line.

    On my 99 XLT 5.0, I developed a pinhole leak from rust in the lower metal transmission cooler line which was connected at the lower radiator fitting and the transmission cooler. Dorman made a replacement line with the screwed fitting on the rdiator end and the flared fitting on the cooler...
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    How reliable is the starter and alternator on 1996 stock Explorers?

    I am the original owner and have a 99 5.0 AWD with 251K miles. The starter is original. I have had to replace the alternator twice.
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    Thermostat install for 1997 explorer 5.0 engine

    Try this: It's amazing what you can find when you type "Explorer 5.0 Thermostat" on You Tube
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    2000 explorer 5.0 p0340 p0174 Should get you started.
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    General A/C questions

    If you check a R-134a chart, at 100 F ambient temperature, Low pressure should be 50-55PSI. High should be 315-325 PSI. Appears to be a low charge. What RPM are you running when you check pressures? You should check pressures at approximately 1500 rpms. This helps the air flow through the condenser.
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    2001 5.0 no start

    Turn the key to the run position without turning it to the start position. Listen for the fuel pump. You should hear it running with a consistent tone. If not, probable fuel pump issue.
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    Power steering pump/chirping

    Possible Cam Position Sensor? I chased a "chirping" om my 99 5.0 for several weeks thinking it was a belt tensioner or idler pulley. It was the cam position sensor.
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    1999 Eddie Bauer 5.0 check engine light flashing and smoking

    When the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light starts blinking (as opposed to staying steadily illuminated), this means that a catalytic converter-damaging condition is occurring. Usually you will be able to feel a noticeable difference in the way your vehicle is running. When this Check...
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    Brake light.

    Brake Light Switch options at,2010,explorer,4.0l+v6,1444725,electrical-switch+&+relay,brake+light+switch,10474
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    1999 Ford Explorer humming

    I experienced humming on my '99 5.0L. It was the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve. Easy to replace and not expensive.
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    Sanity check - 5.0 water pump

    You may want to listen for the squeal coming from the cam synchronizer. Which is located above the water pump and to the right of the thermostat housing. I had a similar squeal in which I replaced the same pulleys and idler. It was the synchronizer. The bushings begin to fail and the squeal...
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    '97 Explorer Engine Temp issues

    You may want to check your radiator cap, I had an incident where my temperature gauge pegged high, I immediately pulled over and had coolant escaping thru my coolant recovery tank, The upper radiator hose was sucked in. I removed the radiator cap which equalized system pressure. I replaced the...
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    Check Engine w/ heavy exhaust smell

    The first step is to determine what code is causing the CEL to illuminate. If you don't have a code reader take it to most any auto parts store. They will plug in their OBD reader and tell you. Once you have the code report back to the forum.
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    I'm new here and I want to tell my story.

    I agree on the plug wire. I had an intermittent #7 misfire which I initially thought was an intake gasket leak. I came to that conclusion after monitoring the Long Term Trim Fuel % readings. By accident I was able to "catch" a misfire spark emitting from the plug wire. A simple fix. By the way...
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    1999 Explorer Air conditioner not blowing cold

    As Rick said, you really need to check system pressure with a gauge set. If the AC is on and the outside air temperature approximately 75F, your low pressure reading should be 40 - 45 psi, high side 150 -175. You can download R134 A temperature / pressure charts. You can check your clutch...
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    5.0 PCV location 2000 Monty

    I have a 99 5.0 and was able to locate the PCV with the help of the following YouTube video: The video is for a 2000 Monty. Should work for you. I was able to reach my hand to grab the PCV just like in the video.
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    Leak Help

    I had a similar leak on my 99 5.0. There was a pinhole in the metal transmission cooler line. This is the line which was attached at the lower radiator fitting and the auxiliary transmission cooler. It had rusted thru. The hole was very small. The transmission fluid sprayed out in a very fine...
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    "Stop Leak" Coolant Additive. Which one?

    Thumbs up for the K-Seal. I had to replace my radiator and thermostat housing in my 99 5.0 three months ago. I thought this stopped the leaks. I still had one very small leak located at possibly the water pump or timing cover. I added one bottle of K-Seal to the coolant recovery tank. It's been...
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    My RockAuto Experience (spoiler: sucks)

    I've always had good experiences with RA. One one order for rear brake rotors and pads for my '99 they sent me the incorrect pads. I went through their automated return system. Within 24 hours they credited me the full amount for the pads and I didn't have to return the old pads prior to...
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    Detaching Dash Wire

    The reason there is nothing to connect it to is because the same wiring harness is used on both AWD 5.0's and 4x4 models. I have a 99 5.0 AWD and on mine the plug you show is just plugged into a plastic tab on the back of the radio bezel. The tab is there just to hold the plug in place.
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    How many miles on your 5.0?

    My 99 5.0 has 251K. No major work done. I just replaced the radiator last week. Thank God for this forum and Youtube. I did it myself. Using bungee cords to hold the condenser while separating the radiator from the condenser clips helped immensely. Thanks to a Forum contributor for that tip. I...
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    AC Compressor screeching

    The compressor itself may have locked up. Remove the belt and temporarily apply 12 volts to the clutch coil. Since you said the clutch appears to work, try and rotate the compressor manually. You should be able to rotate the compressor and feel some resistance. If you can't turn the compressor...
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    99 Explorer fuse 26

    Per my 99 Factory Wiring Manual: Fuse 26 should be a 10 amp fuse. The circuit serves the Battery Saver Relay, Interior Lamp Relay, Interior Lamps, ACC delay Relay and Courtesy Lamps Fuse 29 should be a 25 amp fuse. The circuit serves the Radio, sub-woofer, CD Changer and Rear Seat Controls.
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    how do you fix driver and passenger overhead lights

    On my 99 XLT, the copper foil leads which are designed to make contact with the bulb socket terminals had slowly become unattached to the housing and caused intermittent operation. I was able to remove the lamp assembly and straightened out the foil leads. That was a temporary fix. I ended up...
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    1996 A/C Clutch Engaging Issue

    See attached wiring diagram from the 99 factory wiring diagram manual. Good luck